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Newsletter: Protocol Simulation / Conformance Testing of SS7 & ISDN Protocols

Welcome to an April 2009 issue of GL Communications' Newsletter providing information and insight into our latest product enhancements. In this issue, we highlight our versatile protocol test and conformance software Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) - a software tool that now permits SS7 and ISDN protocol simulation and conformance testing, in addition to SIP, MEGACO, and MGCP. GSM is coming soon.


Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) is a protocol simulation and conformance test tool that can be applied to a variety of protocols such as MGCP, SIP, MEGACO, SS7 (ISUP), ISDN, GSM, and others. In general MAPS can simulate protocols riding on T1 E1 and Ethernet transmission facilities. MAPS offers many benefits including:

  • Scripting with controlled call flow
  • Quick or complex testing scenarios
  • Generate and respond to calls
  • Customization of call flow and sequence
  • Individual message construction and impairment
  • Ladder diagrams for easy monitoring of call flow

The SS7 (ISUP) & ISDN applications are described below:

MAPS™ SS7 is an advanced protocol simulator/tester of SS7 over TDM (T1 and E1). MAPS can simulate a Service Switching Point (SSP) and the ISDN User Part of SS7 (ISUP) signaling specification as defined by the ITU-T standards. MAPS™ SS7 supports testing of network elements, error tracking, regression testing, conformance testing, load testing, call generation and reception, and generation of high volumes of ISUP traffic. MAPS™ SS7 is available with the ITU variant of SS7 implementing MTP2, MTP3, and ISUP protocols. It is able to run pre-defined test scenarios against ISUP test objects in a controlled & deterministic manner. In the diagram below, MAPS™ SS7 can be used to test the many components of a TDM or IP network.

Some of the important features:

  • SS7 (SSP) simulation over TDM (E1 and T1)
  • Multiple E1 and T1 line interfaces supported
  • User-friendly GUI for configuring the SS7 MTP Layers
  • User configurable signaling links
  • User-configured Circuit Mapping, i.e defines Circuit Identification Codes (CIC) and map these CICs to Timeslots/Trunks in order to enable Voice/Data traffic
  • Supports MTP2 and MTP3 protocol machine
  • Multiple MTP links
  • Access to all ISUP Message Parameters Initial Address, Subsequent Address, Release messages, and more
  • User controlled access to optional ISUP parameters such as timers

For comprehensive understanding of the product, please visit MAPS™ SS7 web page.

MAPS ISDN is an advanced protocol simulator and tester for ISDN simulation over TDM (T1 and E1) lines. It can generate high volumes of ISDN signaling and bearer traffic. The tester can simulate ISDN signaling as defined by the ITU-T standards. Currently this test tool is used to perform testing using ISDN protocol messages and offers a complete solution for testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance of devices and networks implementing PRI ISDN. It is useful to test ISDN products designed for either U or S/T interface, including network terminations, Type 1 terminating equipment, and terminal adapters.

MAPS-ISDN supports powerful utilities like a message editor and a script editor which allow new scenarios to be created or existing scenarios to be modified using ISDN messages and parameters.

Some of the important features:

  • ISDN simulation over TDM (E1/T1)
  • Multiple T1/E1 line interfaces supported
  • Access to all ISDN Message Parameters such as Setup, Connect, Release messages, and more
  • Switch and Subscriber Emulation
  • Provides various release cause codes such as rejected, no user response, user busy, congested, and so on to troubleshoot the problems in ISDN
  • Companion product "ISDN Protocol Analyzer" displays all ISDN Messages in Real Time

For comprehensive understanding of the product, please visit MAPS-ISDN web page.

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