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The GLís LinkSim™ simulates a variety of communications links, inserting delays and inserting errors such that the user can determine what effects these impairments will have on their systems.

The LinkSim™ includes six pairs of interfaces - RS232, RS422/RS530, V.35, X.21, HSSI and T1 E1. It can introduce propagation delays in either or both directions. Propagation delays can be up to 1.999 seconds per direction for speeds up to 2.048 Mbps and up to 500 milliseconds for speeds from 8.192M to 50 Mbps. The LinkSim™ can inject logic, ones, zeros, timing slips, bit, burst, frame, BPV, CRC, FDL, signaling, block, C-Bit and P-Bit errors in either or both directions.

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Main Features

  • Simulates a variety of communications facilities
  • Supports T1 E1, RS232, V.35, RS422/RS530, X.21, HSSI
  • Supports 78 data rates from 1,200 to 50M bps
  • Inserts delays up to 1.999 second in each direction
  • Inserts errors and timing slips in each direction
  • Delays, errors and speeds can be different in each direction
  • All operating parameters, including interfaces, speeds, delays, errors and control signals are illustrated on a single screen
  • Parameters are selected by scrolling through values stored in the LinkSim™


  • Testing protocols and error correction techniques
  • Checking new equipment prior to field installation
  • Measuring performance and reliability in various operating environments


Base Unit Speed 78 standard speeds from 1,200 bps to 8.192 Mbps

Interfaces (two each)
RS 232 DB25P 25-pin female connector
RS 530/RS 422 DB25P 25-pin female connector
V.35 34-pin Winchester female connector
X.21 DB15P 15 pin female connector
T-1 and E-1 (G.703) RJ48C 8 position modular in parallel with bantam and dual BNCs.
HSSI 50 pin HSSI connectors

Propagation Delay Up to 1.999 second per direction for speeds up to 2.048 Mbps
Up to 0.5 seconds (500 ms) per direction for speeds to 50 Mbps
Delay is selectable in 1 millisecond increments
RTS/CTS Delays Up to 999 millisecs in 1 millisecond increments
Errors Logic (bit) errors, Ones, Zeros, Burst errors, Block errors,
Framing errors, BPVs, CRCs, C-Bit errors, P-Bit errors,
Error seconds and Slips
Error Frequency 1x10e1 to 1x10e12 bits, Random Secs, Manual
Gap up to 99999999 bits, Gap up to 99999999 milliseconds
9999 Blocks
Timing Internal, external and locked
External clock Ė TTL level
Control Signals Request To Send (RTS), Clear To Send (CTS)
Data Set Ready (DSR), Carrier Detect (CD)
Data Terminal Ready (DTR)
Power 90 - 230V AC
50 to 60 Hz
7.2 watts 25 BTU/hr

Physical Dimensions
Dimension 3.5" (8.9 cm) h x 10" (25.4 cm) w x 12" (30.5 cm) d
Weight 12 lbs (5.5 kg)

Operating Temperature 0 to 50° C, 32 to 122° F
Relative Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Application Notes

Buyer's Guide

Item No. Item Description
LTS101 LinkSim™
Portable Dual T1 E1 Data Simulator for delay/error insertion with full color display
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