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Press Release: GL Announces Testing Solutions for IVR - Interactive Voice Response Systems

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - October 23, 2012 - GL Communications Inc. announced today the release of Testing Solutions for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Systems.

Speaking to reporters, Mr. Robert Bichefsky Senior Manager of the company said, "IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Systems depend on DTMF digits, or tones, as inputs from the users and in turn presents a menu for banking, hospitality, voice mail, and other automated applications. Depending on the application, the branching of the menu can get complicated, and this requires accurate testing prior to deployment."

He added, "When calling an IVR system from any interface, the user is asked to send DTMF digits in response to prompts. The IVR system may have several sequences and may require either single DTMF digit responses or several DTMF digit responses (i.e. the credit card number). Once through the IVR system the user will either be connected to real voice or the user will simply be disconnected."

Mr. Bichefsky further added, "Using GL products with their associated scripting, it is possible to automate the IVR process. GL's IVR test platforms can generate and detect user-defined digits, tones, and play/record voice files, using a simple GUI setup or automate the whole process through scripts. Automatic IVR testing is possible via scripting and is possible with any GL supported emulation product. The scripting provides the means to detect voice and send DTMF digits in response to voice prompts. Once connected to the call, the GL product can perform Quality of Service (PESQ) or path confirmation tests."

He added, "GL's products that support IVR systems testing are: VQuad™ with Dual Universal Telephony Adapter (UTA), VQuad™ – Lite, VQuad™ Probe, PacketGen™ and RTP ToolBox™  for over PacketNetworks, T1 E1 Analyzer for over TDM networks, MAPS™ test equipments include traffic generators and detectors to perform IVR testing of all types of traffic over TDM, TRAU, and Packet networks and DCOSS over T1 E1, Analog, SS7, ISDN Networks."

Main Features:

  • Simulate IVR Users and IVR System
  • Single-box portable solution and Rackmount PC solution for higher density
  • Complete automation with enhanced scripting and remote operation including traffic generation and call control scripting
  • Automate the IVR testing process - call establishment and traffic generation detection process through scripts.
  • Voice menu testing (using bulk call scripting)
  • Voice recognition testing (using bulk call scripting)
  • Monitoring IVR System for voice and data quality
  • Perform Quality of Service (PESQ) or path confirmation tests
  • Within a proper voice call, additional analysis is available such as Round Trip Delay (RTD) and Voice Quality Testing (VQT).
  • Support for Command Line Interface (CLI) to access VQuad™ remotely

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