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Newsletter: GL's Online Interactive Products

This is another October 2009 issue of GL's Newsletter. Many of our products are available for trial evaluation – just call us. Some are even available for evaluation through the WEB at “Online Interactive Products”. Examples are our USB Based T1 E1 Analyzers and our USB Based T3 E3 Analyzers, as well as many others.

Accessing our T1 E1 and T3 E3 Analyzers

Here's how you can access GL's online product demos of T1 E1 and T3 E3 Analyzers.

As shown in the above diagram, a PC is connected to a Dual T1 E1 USB Analyzer and Dual T3 E3 USB Analyzer. The system is located at GL Headquarters and is available for use by customers and guests to try out our software - remotely!

Remoting technology allows your PC to become the monitor, keyboard, and mouse of our PC.

  • Try out our hardware or software for the first time, or

  • If you have our cards, but require some optional software - try that out, or

  • If you want some training with our cards, then call us and we will show you how to run a particular piece of software

To access our PC, please follow these instructions. Remember that your bandwidth will limit the quality of the experience, but you will be able to get a feel for the applications.

  1. Download VNC Viewer from one of the following links - this is a free edition of VNC

    or - this is an enterprise edition of VNC, you may have to purchase it depending on your use.

  2. Enter the following IP address into the VNC Viewer dialog box to connect to our PC

  3. Enter the following

    "password" glcomm

  4. From the VNC drop down menu, select "options" and set for "medium" colors rendition.

You should get access to our unit. If there are any problems, please call us at 301-670-4784 and ask for technical support.

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