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2/4 Wire Hybrid

2/4 Wire Hybrid


The 2/4 Wire Hybrid (SA009) is an Interface box (2-wire to 4-wire) to allow connection of any standard (POTS) Telephone to the VF IN and VF OUT (Audio) ports of GL Communications' Analyzer products. This allows you to listen and talk on a timeslot, and allows use of features on the telephone such as the DTMF Keypad and Redial. The 2/4 Wire Hybrid DOES NOT connect to a telephone line.

2 Wire Interface

  • Standard RJ11 Interface 
  • Powers telephone and fax machines with -48 VDC

4 Wire Interface

  • RCA jacks for 4 wire input and output
  • Independent 4 wire input and output level adjustment
  • Hybrid null adjustment optimizes transmit and receive separation to > 50 dB


  • 2 to 4 wire conversion for Lab testing
  • Recording voice signals with 'telephone' like quality
Use of Handset Adapter to Place/Receive calls
Use of Hybrid to Place/Receive calls

For more information about the applications of 2/4 wire hybrid.


Item No. Item Description
SA009 2/4 Wire Hybrid
SA011 Bantam to RCA Conversion Cable (Qty = 2)

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