T1 E1 Testing

HDL File Conversion Utility

HDL File Conversion Utility application is included with T1 E1 Basic Software


GL's HDL File Conversion Utility converts a file from Ethereal format files (.PCAP, .CAP, and .PCAPNG) to GL proprietary file format (.HDL) and vice-versa. The application can automatically detect the format of the source PCAP file whether it is captured on Linux or Windows® and converts accordingly to HDL file.

By converting the file to *.HDL format, the users can use the converted *.HDL files in T1E1, T3E3, or PacketScan™ applications to decode and analyze.

The HDL files can also be converted to Ethereal formats that is compatible on Windows® and Linux operating systems.

This utility is available in all analyzer applications such as T1E1, T3E3, LightSpeed1000™ and PacketScan™.


Conversion of Ethernet *PCAP trace files to HDL file

Conversion of PPP *.PCAP trace files to *.HDL file format

Conversion of TDM HDL trace files to *.PCAP file format

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