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Newsletter: GL's Real-time GPRS Analyzer for
Gb (T1/E1) and Gn (Ethernet) Interfaces

Welcome to the November Issue of GL Communication's Newsletter providing information and insight into the latest product introductions and reviews.

General Packet Radio Service(GPRS) permits continuous data connectivity over wireless GSM networks. For example, mobile phones and laptops can be used to send and receive data over the Internet, e.g. e-mail and WEB surfing being typical examples. To meet the testing requirements of GPRS Networks, GL introduces the GPRS Analyzer, an optional application running under GL's T1/E1 analyzer hardware (cards or portable laptop analyzers). The GPRS Analyzer performs real time (and offline) analysis across the Gb (T1/E1) and Gn (Ethernet) interface. The companion GSM Analyzer can also monitor the Abis and A interfaces, simultaneously.

The GPRS Analyzer when connected between SGSN and BSS elements of a GPRS network, permits the monitoring of Gb interface. Similarly, when connected between SGSN and GGSN elements, permits monitoring of the Gn interface.

GPRS Analyzer Main Features

  • Windows 98/NT/2000/XP Operating System with User-Friendly GUI
  • Uses GL's proven UltraT1/E1 internal cards or Laptop T1/E1 portable products for Gb interface and PC based NIC card for Gn interface
  • Real-time as well as off-line analysis
  • Summary view displays Frame Relay, Network Service Layer information and GPRS Message types e.g. BSSGP, LLC, TOM, SNDCP for Gb interface and MAC, IP, TCP/UDP, and GTP for Gn interface
  • Detailed View displays easy to understand decodes of user selected frame
  • Statistics view displays statistics based on frame count, byte count, frames/sec, bytes/sec etc for any link or entire link set
  • Call trace view displays call statistics such as number of active/completed calls, durations of the completed calls and Messages/IMSI/TLLI associated with each call.
  • Raw HDLC frame data as a hexadecimal and ASCII octet dump
  • Records up to capacity of hard disk
  • Real-time filter and search on various GPRS message types
  • Exports detailed information to ASCII file
  • Recorded trace files can be played back using HDLC Playback application
  • Selectable, contiguous and non-contiguous, multiple timeslots
  • Simultaneous decoding of multiple GPRS Links on the same or separate T1/E1
  • Exports summary information to a comma delimited file for subsequent import into a database or spreadsheet

An application note has been provided describing the GL's GPRS Analyzer in detail. Please review this application note and give us a call if you are interested in GL's products/software for this or other applications. We would be happy to consult with you on solutions to your testing needs and we look forward to hearing from you.

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