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Newsletter: GL Announces New Features to Faciltiy Data Link (FDL) Analyzer Software

Welcome to the second July Issue of GL Communication's Newsletter providing information and insight into the latest product introductions and reviews, and updates.

GL introduces a new set of modules to its suite of FDL Analysis Software . A detailed description of the different modules can be found on the web at
Briefly, here are the key modules:

GL's Facility Data Link (FDL) software consists of several powerful modules that have the capability to transmit, receive, and decode FDL data in many ways as described below:

  • FDL Playback GUI application: This software can playback raw data from files as well as files containing HDLC frames into the T1 FDL. The user may transmit valid HDLC frames (properly formed HDLC frame file required), or the user may transmit raw data from a file of raw (hex) bytes (codeword strings, etc.). When transmitting HDLC frames, the number of flags between frames may be selected. File playback for HDLC or raw bytes may be set to continuous, to end-of-file, or for a specified number of bytes.

  • FDL View & Save GUI application: Displays captured FDL bits, CRC bits, and framing bits as well as logging for future analysis. The view window refreshes automatically, and the user has the option of saving to a file the complete capture of all bytes received since the capture was started.

  • FDL Protocol Analyzer GUI application: Analyzes the incoming FDL data stream according to different FDL standards and specifications like T1.403, T1.408, G.963 etc. Whether the FDL data is HDLC frames or "bit oriented messages", the data is decoded, stored and presented for visual inspection. FDL data can be stored for later anlaysis as well.

  • FDL VB Client for Windows Client Server: The Client Server Scripted Control Software has commands to record FDL data, playback FDL files, and playback user specified FDL data. A user friendly VB Client has been written to interface with the Server to emulate various FDL functions. Options for Tx and Rx different Performance Report Messages (PRM/SPRM/NPRM) are provided. The VB client also can playback/receive a list of code words and it also can transmit/receive user defined Rawdata /ASCII words.

Please review the above and give us a call if you are interested in GL's FDL Analyzer Software, or other applications. We would be happy to consult with you on solutions to your testing needs and we look forward to hearing from you.

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