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Newsletter: GL Announces the Release of Enhanced Bit Error Rate Test Application

Welcome to the June issue of GL Communications' Newsletter providing information and insight into the new features added to our T1/E1 Analyzer by the release of Enhanced Bit Error Rate Test application.


By the recent release of Enhanced BERT application, several exciting new features have been added to GL's tried and tested T1/E1 Analysis platform.

New Features and Enhancements

For more features of the product, please visit Enhanced BERT

Non-contiguous timeslot and sub-channel selection (Fractional BERT within a timeslot)

Click to enlarge pictureWith Enhanced BERT there is no restriction that the selected timeslots must be contiguous. Users can select any timeslot(s) of their choice for doing fractional BERT. Further, users can select any particular bit within the selected timeslots to do BER Testing using the sub-channel selection feature. This will give the ultimate flexibility for the user to troubleshoot various problems on their network.

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Testing on multiple cards simultaneously with a consolidated result view

Click to enlarge pictureUsing a single screen user can start or stop the BERT on one or more cards. It also supports consolidated view of test results for multiple cards using a side by side display.

BERT is also enhanced with the provision for customized and detailed view of real-time testing statistics. Customized result view gives only the required test parameters selected by the user and detailed result view displays all the test parameters.

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Independent settings for Transmit and Receive configurations (timeslot and sub-channel selection)

Click to enlarge pictureUnlike in our existing BERT application, the Transmit and Receive settings can be independently controlled. For convenience they can be set as coupled (Tx/Rx settings would be the same) or independent (Tx/Rx settings can be different). This allows the Test Engineer to have a much precise control on how the BER Testing has to be performed.

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User defined patterns of size up to 32 bits

Click to enlarge pictureThe Enhanced BERT application, apart from its pseudorandom static patterns, also supports user-defined patterns of size up to 32 bits. Users can specify the length of the pattern to be transmitted. Bit patterns can be selected to be normal or inverted.

In addition to the available framing formats, users can also select Unframed operation

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Enhanced error insertion capability

Click to enlarge pictureIts improved error insertion capability helps the user to insert errors, either at a predefined error rate or user-defined error rate, with the error rate ranging from 10^-2 to 10^-9. The application also allows single error insertion of logic and BPV errors onto the incoming streams.

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Real-time and offline graph view of events

Click to enlarge pictureUsing the Graphical interface, users can get the real-time view of Error Vs Time graph during real-time and offline modes. The X-axis displays the time duration and the Y-axis shows the event count. The events such as Logic Error, BPV, or Frame Error are easily distinguishable with different colors.

By the use of the logging feature, users can log the events during real-time analysis. Later they can load the saved files (*.xml) for offline graphical view. The entire file selected for offline viewing can be played back for a complete review of the events.

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Sophisticated logging feature using XML format

Click to enlarge pictureAll the events happening during the real-time analysis can be logged for later viewing. Events logged for extended periods are recorded in XML file format. The length of these result files can be controlled with the use of defined time duration or file size.

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For more information on the product, please visit Enhanced BERT application.

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