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Press Release: GL Enhances Network Monitoring & Test Products

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - March 11, 2013- GL Communications Inc. announced today enhancements introduced to its Network Monitoring and Test Products

Speaking to reporters, Mr. Matthew Yost, Manager for product development of the company said, "Network monitoring and testing for the purpose of verifying function and quality of network elements is vital for any organization whether small or large. Today's hybrid networks, based on feature rich new technologies, often break, in contrast to yesterday's basic, dull, single source, but reliable networks.

This is especially true in the converging communications and computers sector, often called Unified Communications (UC).  In today's home or office, it is common to have power outages (and the grave consequences that follow), PC's that crash or get infected, phone service that is unreliable or poor quality, broadband lines that often fail or slow down, and even entire networks suddenly out of service, the list is endless. Small or large enterprises and carriers must protect their network elements (sometimes 24/7) to provide the quality of service users expect. Anything short of this can be aggravating and reduce efficiency and productivity."

He added, "GL has developed scalable network monitoring and testing probes and centralized collection and reporting systems for today's telecom networks.   They provide instant visibility into the performance and operation of TDM, VoIP, and Wireless networks. Maintenance engineers can securely access the network view from literally "anywhere" that Internet access is available. They can also monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot remotely with simple to use scripts."

Mr. Yost further added, "Common characteristics of our Network Monitoring and Test Systems are: Uniform Features across all Network Monitoring Systems, Scalable Probes, Common Database Servers and Listeners and Webservers.  And these common characteristics across TDM, VoIP and Wireless Network Monitoring Systems result in providing reliable user-friendly systems and seamless integration of enhancements introduced to any one network monitoring system into others. The uniformity across NMS also helps in uniform reports, administration and maintenance."

He added "These NMS systems' advanced features help users in knowing network or link status that of physical and data link status and details such as sync Loss, carrier loss and MTP layer status for all the available probes across the network. Provide the user Standard and Custom Reports View, and the advanced filters feature help in filtering Call Detail Records and Calls of Interest.

GL has a range of Network Management Systems and are PacketScanWeb™ for All-IP network monitoring, and all the protocols over IP and Wireless networks. The PacketScanWeb™ for SS7, ISDM GSM, and other protocols over TDM, and Wireless networks and it also helps in T1 E1 Physical Layer monitoring. And WebViewer™ for monitoring voice, and data quality over all networks."

For more information on the product feature, please visit Network Monitoring and Test Products web page.


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