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Press Releases: GL Communications Updates Premier Network Simulation Tool

Gaithersburg, MD: October 16, 2002 - GL Communications today announced a major upgrade to one of the key tools used by telecommunications network engineers. GL's Digital Central Office Switch Simulator (DCOSS) provides carriers and other operators with the ability to test virtually all elements of their networks. Using DCOSS, technicians can run networks through a wide variety of scenarios and capture the resulting performance data.

"Our DCOSS product really has become the industry standard for test-driving networks," said Robert Bichefsky, senior manager at GL. "We believe one of the reasons for this success is that we never stop improving the product and keep adding features that reflect current changes in technology." Active DCOSS clients receive all upgrades free of charge either by downloading or receiving them on a CD.

The DCOSS tool is particularly useful and accessible for technicians because it is delivered on a
PC-based platform. The latest DCOSS upgrade-version 5.0-has more than two-dozen new features, including:

  • The ability to support the Windows 2000 operating system in addition to Windows NT.
  • A next-generation Quad Trunk card that supports software selectable T1/E1 interfaces. Two Ethernet ports are also provided to allow for VoIP connectivity in GL's next generation DCOSS IP applications (available in the first quarter of 2003).
  • The addition of GR-303 protocol support. This feature equips operators to deal with emerging digital network technologies.

DCOSS is a tool that is used internationally, a prime component of the GL family of test, analysis and simulation equipment. GL is uniquely able to service this worldwide demand through its offices in the United States and India and through representation in Israel, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, Korea, the Czech Republic and elsewhere.

Voice Quality Testing:

A significant expansion to the standard elements measured by previous DCOSS versions is the calculation for PESQ LQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality-Listening Quality) scores. This revised score exhibits better correlation to subjective listening quality test scores. The new criteria are included not only in DCOSS 5.0, but also in GL's other Voice Quality Testing tools.

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Founded in 1986, GL Communications Inc. is a leading supplier of rigorous, PC-based test, analysis and simulation equipment to the telecommunications industry. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to aid the telecommunications engineer working in a research and development environment.

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