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Press Release: DCOSS Traffic Generation

Using the GL DCOSS, various types of traffic can be generated over established calls. External traffic can be generated using analog/digital phones, fax machines, and modems. Internal traffic can be generated by utilizing the extensive DCOSS DSP resources.

Voice files (PCM a-Law, PCM u-Law, WAV), DTMF/MF Digits, Single/Dual-Frequency Tones, Fax, and Modem traffic can be generated simultaneously over all channels of all trunks (maximum 16 digital T1/E1 trunks). The received/detected traffic can then be automatically analyzed using the GL Quality Test tools. These tools include Voice Quality Testing (VQT), Fax Quality Testing (FQT), Modem Quality Testing (MQT), along with detection for digits and frequency tones. Configuring thresholds for these quality test tools and providing Pass/Fail events is accomplished using the DCOSS Call Quality Criteria function.

Please visit DCOSS Traffic Generation page for more information.

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