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Press Release: GL Offers Flexible Remote Testing Option

Users Praise Efficiency of Tool Easily Customized To Meet Their Needs

Gaithersburg, Md.- January 7, 2002 - GL Communications Inc. today announced a flexible innovation to its well-respected Digital Central Office Switch Simulator (DCOSS) and Bulk Call Generator product line. This new optional feature, called Remote Access, allows customers to test telecommunications networks quickly and easily from remote locations. GL Communications is a leading provider of PC-based telecommunications test, analysis and simulation products.

GL's Remote Access (client/server) can be placed in any location, such as a laboratory or field office, and will allow the user in that location to control all of the testing functions of DCOSS via the Internet, a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN). DCOSS is a state-of-the-art product ideal for simulating and testing advanced telecommunications networks including switches, gateways and transmission systems. It converts a Pentium PC into a digital central office switch simulator, PBX and switch complete with T1, E1 and POTS interfaces.

Remote Access offers valuable flexibility to meet a wide variety of user requirements. For example, it allows one client to connect to one DCOSS server or to several DCOSS servers simultaneously for testing with higher trunk densities. Multiple users in different remote locations can access the same DCOSS server-bringing all of the desired information together for a meaningful, useful reading. Adding to this flexibility is a Developer's Kit that runs under any operating system and enables the user to tailor functions to specific testing needs.

Included with the DCOSS client is a user-friendly, Windows graphical user interface (GUI) application that allows easy access to the features and functions of DCOSS. Feedback from the DCOSS server to the DCOSS client is immediately displayed on the client GUI. Remote Access can be utilized to automatically perform regression testing using the DCOSS client.

The DCOSS client is also extremely flexible in the variety of ways it can be put to work. For example, the user can employ it as a GUI in the Windows environment, as a command line with a DOS or Linux operating system, and may even create a customized DCOSS client by employing the Active X controls provided by GL. It is very easy and convenient to utilize a scripting language or proprietary testing applications, while accessing the wide variety of functions and features of the DCOSS server.

'Customers who are using DCOSS Remote Access tell us they are especially pleased with the product's flexibility and ease of use,' said Vijay Kulkarni, president and CTO of GL Communications. 'They have a two-way pipeline which allows them to control multiple DCOSS servers simultaneously or one at a time; load their own configurations; generate manual or automatic calls and retrieve whatever records, events or statistics they may require.'

About DCOSS Remote Access

DCOSS Remote Access allows users to send/retrieve files between the client and the server, including output from DCOSS event screens as well as Import/Export configurations; remotely capture all DCOSS events/records/statistics screens to a text file and transfer the information directly to the DCOSS client; load configurations for all DCOSS functions; and remotely execute or exit the DCOSS application or the optional GL Voice Quality Testing application. The DCOSS client can also open and close DCOSS trunks, perform manual calls and start or stop DCOSS Bulk Calling.

The GL DCOSS provides a comprehensive, high-quality solution for testing switches, gateways and networks using a variety of signaling protocols. DCOSS can simulate both ends or one end of a complex switching network with a variety of traffic generators, both internal and external. Using the DCOSS graphical interface, complex switching solutions can easily be configured while providing total voice/data throughput.

The GL DCOSS and DCOSS Remote Access are available today. GL's team of experts will provide the support required to deploy the easily adapted applications.

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