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Newsletter: DCOSS Ver 4.3.1 Offers Several New Enhancements

  • Additional Real-Time Graphics added to the Voice Quality Testing (VQT) software, which utilizes PAMS, PSQM, PSQM+, and PESQ.
    For more information on VQT, please visit the VQT page.

  • Automated Attendant Routing (AAR) - Using the user-friendly script writing tools, the DCOSS can be configured as an Automated Attendant. Thus, the DCOSS can answer a call and, using custom configured voice prompts, allows a remote user to enter information such as Password, Called Number, Calling Number, and Extension (for rating purposes). The DCOSS AAR can then re-rate the established call to any timeslot / trunk of the DCOSS and provide a talk path between the two calls. This capability is invaluable for testing systems that require real-time user interaction during an established call.

  • SS7 TCAP/SCCP Layers - Added to the DCOSS functionality, the TCAP/SCCP layers provide such services as 800 Number Lookup, Local Number Portability (LNP), and Global Title Translation. Using the DCOSS, one can configure an SSP, STP, or SCP and associate all nodes of the SS7 Network.

For more information on GL's Digital Central Office Switch Simulator and Bulk Call Generator (DCOSS) Version 4.3.1, please visit the DCOSS page.

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