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DCOSS Available Configurations

GL Communications custom configures your DCOSS system to satisfy all your requirements including multi-E1, multi-T1, E1/T1 combinations, and Digital/Analog combinations. The following are the available cards for your custom configured DCOSS system.

  • Dual T1/ E1 (software selectable)

  • Quad T1/E1 (software selectable)

  • Individual, multiple, or full FAX support per DCOSS system

  • 96 Port Modem

  • Two-wire (RJ-11) analog interface (station-connect) for up to 64 handsets with user defined telephone numbers

  • 16 port BRI ISDN ST-Interface with support for both Network and Terminal

  • Up to two SS7 Signaling boards, with dual T1/E1 interfaces and support for either 4 or 16 signaling links.

  • User interface for all necessary system parameters. All system parameter configurations may be saved to the DCOSS database for quick and easy retrieval.
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Other Configurations

  • DCOSS APS System

    MAPS™ APS (Analog Phone Simulator) is the high capacity Analog 2-wire Bulk Call Generator used to test a Central Office (CO), PBX, ATAs, Gateway or other telecommunications equipment, which provide local loop interfaces. MAPS™ APS system supports up to 96 independent FXO ports per 1U MAPS™ APS Server and an APSCB-48 unit. More can be achieved with a 4U MAPS™ APS Server sporting 2 Octal T1E1 Cards to support up to 384 analog ports. It includes a compact system comprising of MAPS™ APS, Analog Interfaces, Patch Panels and other optional modules (Fax Emulation and VQT Analysis) in a rackmount system.  For more details, visit webpage 2Wire Analog and 4Wire E&M Bulk Call Generator

  • DCOSS MG System
  • The DCOSS MG (Media Gateway) system supports dual redundant Ethernet trunks for traffic and signaling testing of VoIP and IP networks. The DCOSS / MG combination provides user friendly bulk call generation and reception for various voiceband traffic types including voice, fax, and modem. It can be connected to any IP Phone, softphone, VoIP PBX, or VoIP Network / Cloud. For more details, visit webpage

For a more detailed look at the DCOSS Configurations, please refer to the DCOSS Buyer's Guide.

Click on the following links to see a diagram of the basic DCOSS configurations.

Call Generation Configuration

Switching Configuration

Loopback Configuration

DCOSS Station Throughput

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