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Press Release: GL Releases Significant Enhancements to Digital Central Office Switch Simulator Software (DCOSS)

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - March 11, 2008 - GL Communications Inc., announced today the release of significant enhancements to Digital Central Office Switch Simulator software. Speaking to the media, Mr. Robert Bichefsky, a senior manager at GL Communications Inc. said, the “Digital Central Office Switch Simulator (DCOSS) is a key analysis and simulation equipment used by telecommunications network engineers, and it is ideal software for simulating and testing advanced telecom networks/products including switches, gateways, and transmission systems”. He added, “The DCOSS converts any windows based PC (Windows 2000/XP) into a central office with T1 and/or E1 trunks as well as Analog and/or BRI ISDN phone interfaces. It supports a multitude of protocols including SS7 (SSP/STP/SCP), PRI ISDN (all variants supported) and CAS (MFC-R2, E1 CAS, T1 CAS, and SS5). The CAS protocol also provides the versatility of a user-defined State Machine script for simulating any CAS protocol”.

Mr. Robert Bichefsky further added, “The Digital Central Office Switch Simulator (DCOSS) provides carriers and other operators with the ability to test virtually all elements of their networks. In addition, it provides a user-friendly GUI, remote client access (GUI, CLI, SDK), and scripting with which users can capture the performance of networks in a wide variety of scenarios”.

New Features & Enhancements Introduced in Latest DCOSS version:

  • Enhancements in Scripting
  • CAS State Machine
  • DCOSS Board Configuration
  • Remote Client
  • Additions in Signaling System 7
  • Traffic Generation and Reception

Other Significant changes introduced in GUI environment

  • Block / Unblock incoming/outgoing calls from specific timeslots for all protocols (except for R1 Wink and SS7)
  • Delete Multiple Configurations simultaneously within a single GUI instance
  • Call ID parameter field is modified to a maximum of FFFF (1,048,575) ID's
  • Automatic Number Identification (ANI) Digits displays the Called and Calling digits on the Captured Event screen for all outgoing and incoming calls
  • With the Switch Routing by Called # feature the called/calling number can be changed automatically during a switch call by either adding a prefix/extension or changing any part of the numbers.
  • MFC-R2 Brazil protocol is enhanced with 'Blocking' on/off feature. This resolves many issues associated with connecting the Brazilian MFC-R2 to a far-end switch.

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