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Newsletter: GL Releases DCOSS Media Gateway

Welcome to another February 2009 issue of GL's Newsletter providing information and insight into our latest product, the DCOSS Media Gateway - which provides a single point solution that supports traffic and signaling testing of VoIP and TDM networks in one platform.

GL's Digital Central Office Switch Simulator (DCOSS) along with the GL's Media Gateway (MG) supports traffic and signaling testing of VoIP and TDM networks. The DCOSS / Media Gateway combination provides user friendly bulk call generation, scripting, and other automated call generation and reception for various voiceband traffic types including voice, fax, and modem traffic. It can be connected to any TDM or IP Phone, softphone, VoIP or TDM PBX, or TDM or VoIP Network / Cloud.

The DCOSS / Media Gateway supports internal traffic generation/ reception (Fax, Modem, Voice Files, Digits and Tones) as well as external traffic from optional analog 2-wire and BRI 4-wire interfaces. The DCOSS / Media Gateway supports a variety of different TDM and VoIP protocols. Support for VoIP includes SIP, H.323, Megaco, MGCP, and T.38 fax. Support for TDM includes ISDN, SS7, and CAS. The following features are also supported: bulk calling, scripting, and remote client/server access.

Some of the Important Features:

  • Dual redundant Ethernet trunks
  • Call capacity up to 96 or 120 calls simultaneously (scalable depending on the GL Media Gateway selected)
  • Voice, Fax and Modem Call Generation and Reception
  • DTMF/MF Generation and Detection
  • Single/Dual Frequency Tone Generation and Detection
  • Call Monitoring and Recording
  • Automatic Bulk Call Generation/Reception for Load Testing
  • Bulk Call Scripting
  • Call Statistics and Call Detail Records
  • Save/Load all parameters as user-defined configurations

Media Gateway (Basic and other configuration)

GL's Media Gateway (MG) in combination with GL's DCOSS is used to provide bulk call traffic generation for VoIP and TDM interfaces. The Media Gateway can also be used with GL's T1E1 Analyzer for various call capture and analysis functions.

For comprehensive information on the product, please refer to DCOSS Media Gateway web page.

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