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Newsletter: GL Announces Wireless Protocol Analysis, Simulation and VQT Products
at CTIA Wireless 2007

Welcome to another March issue of GL Communications' Newsletter providing information and insight into our Wireless Protocol Analysis / simulation and Wireless Voice Quality Testing Products.

Join GL Communications Inc. at booth #4472, Hall B4 at CTIA Wireless 2007! From March 27-29, at Orange County Conference Center in Orlando, Florida, USA, for demonstrations and discussions.

Wireless Protocol Analysis and Simulation

GL has a range of products to support wireless protocol analysis and simulation. They include, CDMA 2000, UMTS, TRAU, GSM, and GPRS Protocol Analyzers, Simulators and Emulators.

  • MobNetMon™ - Over air wireless network monitoring and analysis

    GL's new product, MobNetMon™, permits automatic "off-air" monitoring of any GSM network directly from a Quad band wireless phone. Supports FSP, GPRS, and EDGE systems.

    To learn more about the MobeNetMon™, please click here

  • Emulate and Analyze TRAU traffic at Abis interface with various Codecs such as AMR, FR, HR, and EFR

    GL's TRAU Analyzer is used to non-intrusively monitor TRAU frames at the Abis interface (between the BTS and the TRAU node at BSC / MSC). GL's T1/E1 Analyzer can be equipped with TRAU Toolbox™, TRAU Traffic Playback, and TRAU Analyzer applications for emulation and analysis of traffic at A-bis interface.

    To learn more about the TRAU Analyzer Products, please click here

  • Monitor GSM interfaces A, Abis, B, C, D, E, H, J, Gs

    GL's GSM Analyzer is used to analyze GSM protocols, a switching and signaling telecommunication protocol between MSC & BSC, BSC & BTS, MSC & HLR, MSC & VLR, etc. and operates on T1 & E1 channels.

    To learn more about GSM Analyzer, please click here

  • Monitor GPRS/EDGE interfaces Abis, Gb, Gs, Gn

    GL's GPRS Analyzer performs real time (and offline) analysis across the Gb (T1/E1) and Gn (Ethernet) interface. The companion GSM Analyzer can also monitor the Abis and A interfaces, simultaneously.

    To learn more about the GPRS Analyzer, please click here

  • Monitor CDMA 2000 Networks across A1, A3-A7, & A11 Interfaces

    GL's CDMA 2000 Protocol Analyzer can be used to analyze and view protocols across A1 (between Base Station Controller and Mobile Switching Centre), A3 and A7 (between two Base Station Controllers), A9 (between Base Station Controller and Packet Control Function), and A11 (between Packet Control Function and PDSN) signaling interfaces.

    To learn more about CDMA 2000 Analyzer, please click here

  • Analyze UMTS network across Iub, Iur, IuCS and IuPS

    GL's UMTS analyzer is capable of capturing, decoding and performing various test measurements across various interfaces i.e. Iub, Iur, IuCS and IuPS interfaces of the UMTS network. In addition, it supports ATM as the transport layer. It helps in fault diagnosis and troubleshooting UMTS network.

    To learn more about UMTS Analyzer, please click here

Mobile Voice Quality Testing

  • Voice Quality Drive Testing

    GL's Wireless VQT Drive-Testing platform provides the capability to automatically analyze voice quality of wireless networks on the road, i.e. drive testing.

    Important Features
    • Automated Drive Testing with GPS mapping
    • Fully portable and self contained
    • Voice quality per ITU Standards (PESQ)
    • Round Trip Delay Measurement

    The equipment associated with the GL Drive-Test solution can easily be transported within a vehicle… just plug into the cigarette lighter!! (for power) and start the test.

    To learn more about the GL's Drive Testing Solutions, please click here

  • VQuad™ - Voice Quality Testing Across All Networks

    GL's VQuad™ makes assessing Voice Quality between and within differing networks easy, portable, and convenient. The system provides all necessary capability for automatic measurement of Voice Quality and QOS for any desired network including VoIP, TDM, Wireless, or Analog.

    To learn more about the GL's VQuad™, please click here

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