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Newsletter: GL Announces Echo Canceller Test Solutions for TDM / VoIP Hybrid Networks

Welcome to the May issue of GL's Newsletter providing information and insight into our latest product enhancements. In this issue, we discuss about our latest Echo Canceller Testing Solution. The 'Fully Automated EC Compliance Testing in VoIP/TDM Hybrid Networks' is a software and hardware application that performs Echo Cancellation Testing of VoIP Gateways automatically.


GL has many solutions to test ECs whether they are in TDM, VoIP, or Wireless networks. Automated compliance testing per the ITU G.168 specification for ECs in TDM networks is one of the main applications. Recently we enhanced this application to test ECs in Gateways that bridge VoIP and TDM networks. The general approach is depicted below:

Major features of the application are:

  • G.168 EC Compliance Testing of Gateways - TDM / VoIP Interfaces
  • Automated testing of all G.168 cases
  • Echo Path Loss (EPL), Echo Path Delay (EPD), and hybrid dispersion fully controllable in T1/E1 card at the TDM interface
  • TDM side requires Dual HD T1/E1 card (HDT001 or HDE001) or USB T1 E1 Analyzer (UTE001)
  • Use Windows Client Server (xx600, xx610, and xx630) for automation on TDM side
  • On the IP side, RTP Toolbox (PKB100) is used to send stimulus files and capture the returned response
  • Use RTP ToolBox™ Client-Server (PKB110) for automation on IP side
  • The response is automatically analyzed for compliance

For comprehensive information on the application, please visit Fully Automated EC Compliance Testing in VoiP/TDM Hybrid Networks web page.

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