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Newsletter: Analog Test Set with Voice Quality Assessment and Windows 2000 Support for
PCI T1 and E1 Cards

Analog Test Set with VQA

GL's Analog Test Set with Voice Quality Assessment(VQA) provides the analog 2-wire interface (RJ-11) (optional four-wire cellular phone interface also included) along with the voice quality measurement and analysis tools that are required to assure clear voice. Typical network applications include VoIP systems, PSTN, ATM networks, Frame relay and wireless networks.

Main features include:

  • Manual or Automatic operation of the Analog Test Set.
  • Outgoing and Incoming calls. Industry standards RJ-11 connections.
  • GL VQA Automatic mode allows automatic execution of the VQA algorithms.
  • Provides PAMS Listening effort (LE) and Listening Quality (LQ) results. Also, calculates Mean Active Speech Level, Noise level, Latency and Clipping Measurements.
  • Provides PSQM and PSQM plus Mean Opinion Score (MOS) results.
  • Provides PESQ MOS (Listening Quality) results.

The GL Analog Test Set supports two analog ports with RJ-11 interfaces. This test set may be connected to any US or European PSTN and using a user-friendly GUI, the user can place calls to any desirable number as well as answer incoming calls. The Analog Test Set can be configured manually to send and record voice files, for use in the VQA algorithms, or configured to automatically send/record a multitude of voice files to be used in the VQA algorithms. The VQA may be configured to automatically perform the algorithms immediately after the recorded voice file is complete.

Windows 2000 support for Pci T1 and E1 cards

GL announces support for windows 2000 and windows XP operating systems for it's Pci T1 and E1 analysis cards. The appropriate drivers are available in 'beta' release form at our web site, This expands on the support currently available for Windows 95, 98 and NT.

Please give us a call if you are interested in GL's Analog test set with voice quality assessment or in any of GL's other product. We would be happy to consult with you on solutions to your testing needs and we look forward to hearing from you.

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