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GR-303 Protocol Analyzer

This is to announce that GL has added GR-303 Protocol Analysis to the other software applicatilons that run on the Ultra T1 Cards and their external to PC equivalents, the Laptop T1 Analyzers.

Some of the features of the new software are:

  • Real-time as well as off-line analysis.
  • Decode Embedded Operational Channel (EOC) messages for diagnosing operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning.(OAM&P).
  • Provide real-time call-setup analysis of the Timelsot Management Channel(TMC) and Common Signaling Channel (CSC).
  • Monitor both TMC/CSC and EOC simultaneously to correlate call-setup and OAM&P.
  • Simultaneous decoding of multiple GR-303.
If this additional functionality holds interest for you, please click on the link below to learn more about how GR-303 analysis has been implemented.

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