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Press Release: GL Releases GR-303
Protocol Analyzer

GL Communications Inc. Announces GR-303 Analyzer Product Release : April 16, 2001

GAITHERSBURG --- April 16, 2001 --- GL Communications Inc. announces the release of its new GR-303 Analyzer to its comprehensive line of T1 test and simulation products. The GR-303 Analyzer troubleshoots signaling problems between the switch and remote terminal: to determine call status, monitor for dropped calls, detect abnormal conditions, and identify when service was unavailable. With these extensive GR-303 protocol analysis tools, you can analyze call setup and monitor communications between network elements and resolve problems as new network challenges emerge.

The GR-303 Analyzer is an optional, feature-rich, application that joins the family of applications available for use on GL Communications' T1 Analyzers. This application performs real-time and off-line GR-303 analysis and uses GL's Ultra T1 internal-to-PC cards or their external-to-PC equivalents - the Laptop T1 Analyzers. The GR-303 Analyzer Software includes Timeslot Management Channel (TMC), Common Signaling Channel (CSC) and Embedded Operational Channel (EOC) analysis. With GR-303 software, the T1 Analyzer offers testing for all aspects of GR-303 systems: monitoring T1 Line, monitoring the TMC/CSC control channel, viewing robbed ABCD signaling and dialed digits, listening to voice channels, and thorough tests for the physical layer. GL Communications Inc. is a leading manufacturer of test equipment for T1, E1, and T3 signaling, traffic loading, as well as voiceband and data protocol analysis. Applications for GL's T1, E1, and T3 Analysis Cards include BERT, record and playback of files, and signaling capture. Protocol analysis support includes DTMF, MF, MFC-R2, PRI ISDN, SS7, GR-303, V5.X, and others. Automated echo cancellation testing and voice quality testing are also available.

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