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Newsletter: DCOSS T3 Solution

As you are aware, both of GL's product lines, analysis and simulation, are PC-Based, and can be integrated. The DCOSS T3 solution is a creative example of such a marriage.

  • The DCOSS T3 solution introduces a complete T3 digital Bulk Call/Manual Call solution using four DCOSS systems along with two T3 Mux's.
  • All four DCOSS systems are controlled remotely as well, using a PC Switching arrangement, which allows a single mouse, keyboard, and monitor to be switched to the four DCOSS systems.
  • The DCOSS Remote Access feature allows a single client to remotely access all four DCOSS systems and performs all functions including executing the applications, generating manual calls, and generating bulk calls.
  • Traffic generation, for both manual calls as well as bulk calling, over the entire T3, is easily configured and includes Sending/Recording Faxes, and Sending/Receiving Modem Traffic.
  • Voice quality testing (PAMS, PSQM, PESQ) can be provided using the new GL VQT with Automatic Mode.

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