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5G Core Network Emulation

Message Automation and Protocol Simulation – MAPS™

5G Core Network Emulation using MAPS

The demand for 5G is not limited to high-speed data & high-quality voice services. It is going to play an important role in other vertical industries like Automotive, Health Care, Smart cities, etc. This requires low latency, scalable and customizable network that can be tailored to requirements from multiple services and vertical markets. Testing of such a complex network is very challenging & GL's 5G testing products based on feature-rich MAPS™ emulation framework is of great value.

  • GL's MAPS™ 5G test equipment supports emulation of 5GC network interfaces - N1N2, N4, N8, N10, N11, N12, N13, N17, N20, N21, N29, and N51
  • Supports High-Density user plane traffic generation using PacketLoad and RTP HD.
  • Supports generation and verification of traffic including VoNR (Voice), FTP, Web (HTTP), Video
  • Regular software updates to meet compatibility with latest 3GPP specifications
  • Compliance with HTTP 2.0 & OpenAPI

Validating the Functions of 5G Network Elements

MAPS™ 5GC Emulator testing gNodeB (DUT)

MAPS™ 5GC Emulator Testing gNodeB (DUT)

MAPS™ gNB Emulator testing 5G Core Network (DUT)

MAPS™ gNB Emulator Testing 5G Core Network (DUT)

Wrap around testing of AMF (DUT)

Wrap around testing of AMF (DUT)

Wrap around testing of  SMF (DUT)

Wrap around testing of SMF (DUT)

MAPS™ 5GC Emulator testing AUSF and UDM Functions (DUT)

MAPS™ 5GC Emulator testing AUSF and UDM Functions (DUT)

Any of the network elements in the above architecture can be replaced with user's DUT to perform single interface, multi-interface, or wrap-around testing -

  • Single Interface Test Setup - With this solution, a single interface can be tested using MAPS™, which can embed all the functionalities of the entities interacting with this interface
  • Multi Interface Test Setup - With this solution, DUTs over different interfaces can be tested simultaneously using a single MAPS™, which provides all the required functionalities over these interfaces
  • Wrap Around Test Setup - With this solution, vendors can test their DUT by replacing all the nodes interacting with the device with appropriate MAPS™ products

MAPS™ Key Features

  • Flexible framework facilitates validation of any node functionality within the 5G network
  • Provides complete access to user to customize any protocol IE's according to 3GPP standards
  • Easily setup a 5G device test scenario within lab for educational purposes
  • Powerful tool to test any element before deployment
  • Supports both functionality and performance testing
  • Easy to use GUI and  allows third party integration with Python
  • Runs on VMs and Containers
  • Emulate negative test scenarios by impairing messages and call flows
  • Script-based architecture allows customization of test scenarios
  • High-density user plane traffic generation capability