5G Core Network Emulation

Apr 2021    1:15:26

Presented by : Vijay Kulkarni, Karthik, Bhavya


Testing and troubleshooting 5G Core network elements for control and user plane traffic within wireless infrastructure is essential in validating deployment-readiness, functionalities, interoperability, performance, and latest mobile features. Operators and developers should test end-user applications, devices, and services on simulated wireless infrastructure prior to real-world deployment.

GL's MAPS™ based 5G emulators can test individual 5G network elements for control & user plane functionalities and emulate the complete end-to-end 5G Core network. GL's 5G core emulation suite can connect to 5G small cells to test Voice over New Radio & OTT applications using real 5G compatible mobile phones.

MAPS™ 5G Features

  • Emulates 5G network elements such as gNB, AMF, SMF, UPF, UDM, AUSF, NEF, SMSF
  • Replacement for any real 5G node while testing
  • Script based emulation for full customization of call flow message content
  • Single test tool for the full product development cycle from design & development to deployment
  • Use MAPS™ RTP HD appliance for higher Voice and SMS call generation (hundreds of calls/sec and 64,000 simultaneous calls/platform)
  • Easily simulate massive numbers of UEs with high density (up to 40 Gbps) mobile traffic (such as stateful HTTP) generation per chassis

This webinar will cover GL's MAPS™ platform for 5G Core network testing.

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