High Density Multi Protocol Monitoring of Ethernet and IP Networks

Feb 2022    00:56:00

Presented by : Dr. Vikram Kulkarni, Mike Yang, Sanjeev Jigajinni


Next Generation Networks require monitoring and analysis of Ethernet and IP traffic across high-speed links such as 1 Gig, 10 Gig, 40 Gig and 100 Gig. GL Communications offers PacketScan™ HD, a high-performance network appliance for performing lossless packet capture and analysis on high speed networks.

PacketScan™ HD is portable and is especially tailored for monitoring and analyzing Voice over IP calls. Furthermore, PacketScan™ HD can send captured data to GL's centralized database and dashboard known as NetSurveyorWeb™, providing a convenient web browser display for the remote user.

This webinar will discuss why packet capture and analysis is crucial for managing networks. Tools to capture and replay traffic are useful for service providers who wish to reproduce field observations in a lab. Recorded high speed data can be used for examining each packet in real-time and to examine trends across streams of related packets to predict potential issues or potential illicit activity. Playing back the recorded high-speed data can recreate the real-time packet network in the lab for further diagnosis of applications and network infrastructure.

FastRecorder™ and PacketExtractor™ provide extreme wirespeed IP traffic filtering and recording up to 100 Gbps direct to disk for offline filtering, extraction, and analysis. These applications support 4 x 1 Gbps or 2 or 4 x 1/10 Gbps or 2 x 25/40/100 or 8 x 10 Gbps Ethernet Interfaces.

For more information, please visit PacketScan™ HD webpage.

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