Video Quality Solutions

Welcome to another GL Communications' newsletter providing information and insight about our Video Quality Solutions.

GL’s Video Quality Test Solution provides the flexibility of performing automated tests supporting Video Conferencing between two Video Agents running on Android devices or Windows/Linux systems. The Video Conference solution is fully configurable by the user with outputs including Video and Audio MOS.

Automated Video Quality Testing Network


GL offers GLNetTest app along with the GL VAC (Video Application Controller) which is installed on any off the shelf Android mobile device, thus supporting both video and data testing from the mobile device. In other words, the GL Video Conference test solution tests video between any two devices (Android, Windows, Linux), while allowing the user to specify the exact Video parameters and returning Video and Audio MOS along with a variety of Video metrics. The GL NetTest supports Data testing from the mobile device including the following tests, TCP, UDP, HTTP, VoIP, FTP, DNS, SMS, and Video Simulation. In addition the GL VQuad™ application supports fully automated testing of the Video and Data test solutions using the VQuad™ scripting.

The Smartphones (Android) and PCs (both Windows and Linux supported) become the video clients or end points. Testing can be done between any two agents, Android to Android, Android to PC, or PC to PC, while specifying all the required characteristics of the Video test including Video/Audio Codec, Image Size and Frame Rate, and length of Video. The video controller/server defines user-specified test plans and Video agents, performs tests, and collects results.

The results include Video MOS, Audio MOS, and A/V MOS along with a variety of analytical metrics and quality metrics. All the video/audio test results and events can be automatically sent to the Central Database (WebViewer™).

The GL VQuad™ software is used for automating the Video and Data testing while also supporting Voice Quality testing of any voice network using the Voice Quality POLQA algorithm (per ITU-P.863). When the VQuad™ is coupled with the GL Dual UTA HD, which provides multiple interfaces for connecting to most any communication device, several different Networks can be tested including Mobile Wireless (2G/3G, VoLTE, 5G, VoWiFi, OTT), Mobile Radios, VoIP SIP, 2-wire Analog (FXO), and 4-wire Analog (Tx/Rx).

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