T1 E1 Single or Dual Multiport Repeater

08th, Nov 2019

Welcome to another issue of GL's Newsletter providing information on our Single or Dual Multiport Repeaters in portable and high-density rack enclosures. In addition to the USB based portable units, GL offers mTOP™ rack enclosures with USB based units which can be stacked to provide a high-density form factor solution.

T1 E1 Single or Dual Multiport Repeater


Multiport Repeaters are used to generate multiple identical T1/E1 outputs for each T1/E1 input, thereby increasing the range of transmission of T1/E1 signals.

single/ dual multiport repeater can be used for the following purposes:

  • To generate multiple identical T1/ E1 outputs for each T1/ E1 input
  • To test and load multiple T1/ E1 interfaces simultaneously
  • For broadcast applications and traffic generation and simulation
  • To preserve the strength of the signal and extend the transmission distance

The single bantam version provides ten identical outputs from a single T1/ E1 input. The single RJ45 version provides 12 identical outputs from a single T1/ E1 input. The dual version provides four outputs for each of the two inputs.

GL offers mTOP™ high-density rack hardware test platforms, which are 1U/2U rack enclosures within which USB based T1/E1 Multiport Repeaters can be stacked to provide a high density form factor solution.

The sleek design of T1/E1 multiport repeaters allows multiple units to be easily placed in a mTOP™ 1U/2U rack mount enclosure, providing different variations.

1U mTOP™ rack w/ Dual T1 (1:4) Multiport Repeater

1U mTOP™ rack w/ Dual T1 (1:4) Multiport Repeater

1U mTOP™ rack w/ Dual E1 (1:4) Multiport Repeater

1U mTOP™ rack w/ Dual E1 (1:4) Multiport Repeater

The chassis comprises of single/ dual Multiport Repeater with stacked USB units greatly reducing the licensing costs per device. It is a perfect T1/ E1 Multiport Repeater for customers who require multi-port testing but are constrained by lab space. For more details on mTOP™ rack-based platform, refer to Test Tools in Rack Based Platforms.

Important Features of Single/Dual Multiport Repeaters:

  • The input and output connections are through standard bantam or RJ-45 jacks
  • Inputs and outputs are compatible with CCITT G.703
  • Units operate on a voltage of 7-12 V DC and draw a current of up to 1000 mA
  • T1 and E1 signals are terminated at 100 Ohms or 120 Ohms respectively
  • The repeater permits output drive for line lengths up to 655 feet
  • The T1 Multiport Repeater and E1 Multiport Repeater are available as separate units
  • LEDs are provided to indicate the presence or absence of input signals and power
  • Provides Terminate, Bridge and Monitor modes of operation

For comprehensive information, please refer to the T1/E1 Single or Dual Multiport Repeater and the high density rack mount enclosure mTOP™ web pages.

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