Multiport T1 / E1 / SONET / SDH / Ethernet Electrical / Optical Tap Repeater

Welcome to another issue of GL's Newsletter providing information on our Multiport Repeaters for T1 E1 SONET SDH & Ethernet interfaces. Available in both portable and high-density mTOP rack enclosures.


Portable Multiport Optical Tap Repeater


mTOP™ Multiport Optical Repeater

Overview of SONET SDH Ethernet Optical Tap Repeaters

Optical Tap Repeaters provide multiple identical outputs for optical and electrical signals at OC-3 / STM-1, OC-12 / STM-4, OC-48 / STM-16, 1 GigE, and 2.5 GigE rates. The need for optical taps that cut the optical power by 30% or 50% are not needed, since the signals are repeated at full power.

Additional features include:

  • Accepts up to 6 standards SFPs from OC-3 to OC-48, or 1 GigE and 2.5 GigE
  • SFPs can be Electrical (Copper) or Optical Fiber (Single or Multimode)
  • Mode Switch = 1 Pass thru Input to 5 Identical Outputs, or
  • Mode Switch = 2 Pass thru Inputs to 2 Identical Outputs/each
  • Cascade two or more OTRs for greater duplication
  • Convert Single Mode to Multimode
  • Convert Optical to Electrical or Electrical to Optical
  • Error free repetition

1U mTOP™ rack w/ Dual T1 (1:4) Multiport Repeater

Overview of T1 E1 Multiport Repeaters

T1 E1 Multiport Repeaters are used to generate multiple and identical T1 E1 outputs for each T1 E1 input, thereby increasing the number and range of transmission of T1 E1 signals.

A single T1 E1 multiport repeater can be used for the following purposes:

  • To generate multiple identical T1 E1 outputs for each T1 E1 input
  • To test and load multiple T1 E1 interfaces simultaneously
  • For broadcast applications and traffic generation and simulation
  • To preserve the strength of the signal and extend the transmission distance

The single bantam or single RJ-45 version provides ten or twelve identical outputs from a single T1 E1 input. The dual version provides four outputs for each of the two inputs.

The sleek and standard design of T1 E1 Multiport repeaters allows multiple units to be easily placed in a mTOP™ 1U or 2U rack mount enclosure, providing different densities, stability, and security. For more details on mTOP™ rack-based platform, refer to Test Tools in Rack Based Platforms.

Important Features of T1 E1 Multiport Repeaters:

  • The input and output connections are through standard bantam or RJ-45 jacks
  • Inputs and outputs are compatible with CCITT G.703
  • Units operate on a voltage of 7-12 V DC and draw a current of up to 1000 mA
  • T1 and E1 signals are terminated at 100 Ohms (T1) or 120 Ohms (E1) respectively
  • The repeater permits output drive for line lengths up to 655 feet
  • The T1 Multiport Repeater and E1 Multiport Repeater are available as separate units
  • LEDs are provided to indicate the presence or absence of input signals and power
  • Terminate, Bridge and Monitor modes are provided

For comprehensive information, please refer to the T1 E1 Multiport Repeater and the high density rack mount enclosure mTOP™ web pages.

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