LTE Conformance Test Suite

15th, Nov 2019

Welcome to another issue of GL Communications' Newsletter providing information and insight into our MAPS™ LTE Conformance Test Suite that tests the conformance of LTE S1 and LTE X2 interfaces in the LTE network (eNodeB, MME) per 3GPP standards.


GL's MAPS™ LTE Conformance Test Suite is designed with 50+ test cases, as per 3GPP TS 36.413 (LTE S1) and TS 36.423 (LTE X2) specifications. It includes inbuilt conformance scripts (*.gls) for eNodeB conformance, MME conformance in S1 interface, and multiple eNodeB’s in X2 interface as per 3GPP standards.

Test cases include general Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (E-UTRAN); S1 Application Protocol (S1AP) and X2 Application Protocol (X2AP) messaging and call flow scenarios over LTE network. Logging and pass/fail results are also reported. Test cases verify conformance of actions such as UE attach/detach, periodic updating, E-RAB setup, X2 setup, Handover procedure, UE context release, and error indication.

LTE S1 Interface Conformance Testing

MAPS™ LTE S1 emulator can be configured as MME with a conformance script to simulate various network side procedures conforming various success/failure test cases and automating the entire eNodeB (DUT) testing.

Supported Test Cases

  • Paging success/failure
  • Paging via IMSI success/failure
  • UE attach success, UE detach, UE tracking area update
  • Periodic updating
  • Service Request
  • E-RAB Setup procedures
    • GBR E-RAB setup success
    • Non GBR E-RAB setup success
    • E-RAB setup failure
    • E-RAB release
    • E-RAB Modify - priority trigger, QCI changes, UE AMBR
    • E-RAB Modify failure
  • Setup context – Fail, Success
  • UE Context Release, Modification
  • Handover
    • Success Handover S1 interface
    • Handover prepare failure
    • Handover resource allocation failure
    • Handover failed: Multiple E-RAB ID instances
    • Handover Cancel
  • S1 Setup
    • S1 Setup Success
    • setup failure and resend setup
  • Reset all resource, partial resource
  • Error Indication
  • Location report

Success Handover S1 Conformance Script

Success Handover S1 Conformance Script

LTE X2 Interface Conformance Testing

MAPS™ LTE X2 emulator can be configured as Source eNodeB connected to DUT (Target eNodeB). The conformance script can simulate various procedures conforming success/failure test cases and automating the entire Target eNodeB (DUT) testing.

Supported Test Cases

  • Handover Test Case
    • Handover success
    • Handover failure (invalid GTP-TEID, duplicated E-RAB ID)
  • Load Indication (send load to and receive load from target eNodeB)
  • Error Indication (send error to and receive error from target eNodeB)
  • X2 Setup
    • X2 Setup Success
    • Setup failure and resend setup
  • Configuration update
    • Send/receive configuration update
    • Configure update success after re-send
    • Resend Configuration update after failure

X2 Setup Success Conformance

X2 Setup Failure Cause Conformance

Important Features

  • Setup a virtual real-time network simulating 4G-LTE network elements using ‘MAPS™ 4G Wireless Lab Suite
  • Simulates eNodeB and MME in LTE S1 interface and two eNodeB elements in LTE X2-AP interface
  • Supports LTE Control plane
  • Generates hundreds of UE Signaling (Load Testing)
  • Generates and process S1/NAS, X2-AP (valid and invalid) messages
  • Supports GTP Traffic (GTP User Plane Data) which includes verification like HTTP traffic generation capability, GGSN/PGW can be connected to real IP network to simulate Gateway testing
  • Supports Mobility Management, Load Management, Reporting of General Error Situations, Re-setting X2, Setting up the X2, and eNodeB Configuration Update procedures
  • Customize call flow and message templates using Script and Message Editor
  • Ready-to-use scripts for quick testing
  • Scripted call generation and automated call reception
  • Script based & protocol independent software architecture
  • Provides call statistics and events status
  • Automation, Remote access, and Schedulers to run tests 24/7

For comprehensive information, please refer to the MAPS™ LTE for S1 Interface Emulator and MAPS™ LTE for X2 Interface Emulator web pages.

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