Single Probe for a Complete QoS Solution - Voice, Video, and Data

Super Mobility CITA -2015

GL's Product Showcase at Super Mobility CITA -2015

To test, measure, and improve QoS, GL offers complete test solutions across ALL networks. The architecture provides for complete and integrated lab management, element functionality, device provisioning, and automation solutions, whether its end-to-end or within the core network infrastructure -- of Wireless, NextGen IP, and TDM networks.

GL’s products offer interface flexibility, traffic versatility, and quality measurements to assess all network characteristics and provide functional and feature test capability.  Finally GL’s products generate all types of traffic: voice, video, and data.  When deployed for quality testing, they are network, technology and device independent, centrally controlled, and remotely monitored in real-time.

GL’s VQuad™ Probe provides the flexibility to connect to any type of end interface for Wireless, Bluetooth, Ethernet/IP, TDM, 4-wire, and 2-wire.  Once the end-point connectivity is achieved, the Voice-Video-and-Data Quality test suite provides an automated method to test all types of traffic to and from the phone, confirming performance, quality and reliability. The test suite can emulate all of the above traffic through a variety of interfaces (IP, TDM, and Wireless), measure quality metrics such as MOS, echo, noise, and delay and can be networked (with WebViewer™) for centralized control and monitoring.

Voice Quality Testing (VQT) for audio quality analysis is performed according to widely accepted ITU voice comparison algorithms (POLQA, PESQ LQ/LQO/WB).

The Drive Testing solution plots all results and call control information along with co-ordinates using GPS receiver option in VQuad™, and Google Maps option within WebViewer™.

Also supported is the ability to perform Video Conference Testing and determine real-time performance of Video service over a network. Using any two Android devices (Smartphones and Tablets supported) and PCs (both Windows and Linux supported) with the GL’s VAC Agent installed, fully automated Video Conference testing can be performed with QoS results provided along with several analytic metrics. 

A variety of Data Testing can be performed directly from the mobile device and controlled remotely from the VQuad™ script. Tests include TCP, UDP, HTTP, VoIP, FTP, DNS, SMS, and Email, basically a full array of tests to definitively confirm the performance of the network (and the Smartphone device).


  • Bullet proof, 24 x 7 operation, Auto reboot and recovery, Watchdog capability, No worries
  • Unattended, Remote management, Full automation
  • Deploy into small or large networks, Control and Access via the Central System
  • Voice Quality (POLQA and PESQ), Data Quality, Video Quality
  • 2-wire analog FXO, 4-wire analog (Tx/Rx), Bluetooth for mobile phone connections, VoIP SIP User Agent
  • Simple Configuration using VQuad™ Scripts; set it and forget it for unattended operation

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