Consulting Services

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Technical Services

Project Management


  • Project management of cellular system implementation, from engineering services to vendor coordination logistics for deployment of turnkey systems, for over 100 cellular systems nationwide.
  • Project management for a Tunnel Radio Communications System to serve seamless radio coverage needs for underground communications of mass transit clients, public safety, local police and fire departments.
  • Project schedules, installation, testing, implementation, and training in simulcast UHF land mobile radio, microwave trunked backbone systems.
  • Fiber optic cable installation, OTDR and precision testing, Right-of-Way coordination, and a large telephone network installation and integration.
  • Inspection services and other field activities for train control, signaling systems and overhead catenary systems installation and system integration.

System Design and Planning

  • System design and specifications development for 800 MHz UHF trunked simulcast and conventional AVL data radio systems. Provided link budget analysis and radio coverage verification for the tunnel radiax system; designed off-air interface to above ground systems to provide seamless system-side radio coverage.
  • System design, SAB contours, propagation studies, terrain maps, FCC licenses, FAA determination, aeronautical study, interference analysis, frequency coordination for analog and digital cellular systems.
  • Design and planning for public safety system projects - On-board Bus Video System for MTA Buses, SCADA systems for equipment shelters, HVAC, Power, Fire and Intrusion Systems.

Technical Specification Development


  • Specifications for 800 MHz and UHF simulcast trunked and conventional radio systems for mass transit and public safety customers nationwide.
  • Specifications for Metro Fire and Security Management Systems project including Station LAN, Field SCADA and Central Supervisory and Control System (CSCS).
  • Technical specs for a Tunnel Radio, Garage Repeater Systems and In-building Communications Systems which would serve seamless radio coverage needs of a mass transit clients, public safety, local police and fire departments.
  • Specifications for upgrade of a Light Rail Control Center for a double track project. Developed specifications and supported field inspection services in the areas of signals and communications and Overhead Catenary Systems.
  • Specifications for communication interface of ticket vending machines.
  • Provided specifications for Agency-wide Customer Information system including Public Address/LED signs, providing ADA compliant public information for the patrons of metro, light-rail and commuter rail.
  • Specifications for fiber infrastructure build-out installation and testing.
  • Specifications for HVAC and electrical systems for communication shelters and station equipment cabinets to provide adequate clean power and environmentally controlled space for sensitive and non-temperature hardened equipment.

Bid Proposals Evaluation


  • Technical proposal reviews
  • Price proposal negotiations
  • Bid procurement support - pre-proposal questions and pre-bid survey coordination with potential bidders

Vendor Equipment Analysis and Selection/Cost Estimates


  • Vendor search
  • Quotes process
  • Engineering estimates
  • Develop purchase orders



  • Course outline development per technical specs
  • Training schedule development to meet maintenance and operations personnel needs
  • Review of beta-training prior to formal training
  • Training oversight



  • Tower and site-lease procurement assistance to customers
  • Coordination of frequency acquisition in 490 MHz bid
  • Purchase communications equipment for TVM interface to wide-area networks
  • Support for transit information center upgrade
  • Antenna systems procurement for cellular operators
  • Coordination of leased lines/T1/Frame Relay/ISDN/DSL procurement

Communications and Power Systems for Transit Industry


Development of Comprehensive Test Program


  • Nationwide Digital (T1) Line Monitoring, Test and Diagnostic Systems for a major mail service provider
  • Comprehensive Network Management System (CNMS) of a transit service operator
  • Radio coverage testing for propagation model tuning
  • RSSI field strength, drive test measurements for a major transit service operator
  • Train control system - communications and signaling logic systems
  • Public address system for a train network

Test Inspection