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Light Rail Control Integration in a Major Metropolitan Transit System

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LRCI-DT - Double Track project of the MTA's Baltimore CLRL, which involved the conversion of the several existing single-track sections of the CLRL to double track. The project included the customization and implementation of the Light Rail Control Integration (LRCI) using the Control Application Software platform AIM’s latest version and the Light Rail Control Center (LRCC) servers and workstations upgrades. GL Team supported with design engineering, equipment specification, materiel and labor, software installation, programming, hardware installation, testing, and training course development. Software upgrade supported interface with the existing Automatic Block Signaling (ABS) System and the new Automatic Train Protection (ATP) signaling system. Provisions were made for the Front End Processors (FEPs) for all the CIHs (Central Instrument Housing) and the new Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and transport electronics for the TPSS’s (Traction Power Sub-station) interfaces.