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Radio Communications and Commuter Rail System for SEPTA


GL provided system design for radio communications of aboveground, garage repeaters and underground systems in-tunnels for SEPTA's transit network. Our services included study, description, definition and documentation for the existing and proposed systems including the following:

  • Establishment of a reliable radio communications system to meet the needs of all stakeholders for operation and maintenance of a large transit system
  • Development of technical specifications for
    • Communication and Control Center
    • Trunked Simulcast Radio System
    • Antenna Systems, Combiners, Multi-couplers and Tower top Amplifiers
    • Garage repeaters and Tunnel radio System
    • Mobile and portable digital radio equipment
    • Digital microwave backbone using ring topologys
  • Development of system block diagrams, Communication and Wiring, Rack face Elevation, Radio Site Layout and Network topologies
  • Site surveys of
    • Radio sites
    • Building
    • Garage repeaters
    • Communications equipment rooms and control center
  • FCC Licensing and engineering exhibits for radio systems
  • Spectrum Planning
  • Frequency Acquisition
  • Feasibility Study for Migration to Narrowband and Digital Technologies