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Public Address and LED Sign Systems

GL Communications has designed an integrated Public Address (PA) and LED sign system for a rail transit system. The integrated system is used to provide passenger information and emergency announcements in public access areas within train stations. The system complies with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act to help hearing and vision impaired persons. The public access areas within transit network are equipped with PA and LED sign systems to receive announcements and messages directly from a centralized rail control computer via a communication cabinet located at each location.

The project consisted of extensive field surveys including audio surveys, system design, equipment selection, and selection of station devices' placement. The PA and LED sign system consists of an integrated computerized system at the control center and the stations to deliver travel, emergency and security information to the patrons. The system is unique in that it allows keyed text to be converted to voice messages for PA. It is also synchronized to LED sign messaging from several control locations. The operator can use either a canned message, stored on a hard drive, or enter a new message at any time.