Accessories & Adapters

Accessories and Adapters

PC, Cable, Transformer Accessories, etc.

Complete list of accessories including special hardware options, cables, transformers, manuals, accessory kits, PC platforms, monitoring and high impedance taps and bridges, telephone handsets, shipping cases, special training classes, and extended hardware and software warranties

Telephone Handset Adapter

4-wire Audio Handset Interface Unit: use with included handset to connect to Audio (VF) interface on GL cards; to talk and listen on a timeslot (NOT necessary on Laptop Analyzer units)

2/4 Wire Hybrid

The 2/4 Wire Hybrid (SA009) is an Interface box (2-wire to 4-wire) to allow connection of any standard (POTS) Telephone to the VF IN and VF OUT (Audio) ports of GL Communications' Analyzer products. This allows you to listen and talk on a timeslot, and allows use of features on the telephone such as the DTMF Keypad and Redial. The 2/4 Wire Hybrid DOES NOT connect to a telephone line.

Universal Telephony Adapter (UTA)

The Universal Telephony Adapter (UTA) is a hardware adapter that interfaces a PC sound device to telephony equipment to provide a means of testing voice quality transmissions across the network. Used in conjunction with GL's VQuad™ software application, the UTA can be directed to automatically send and record sample voice files between nodes of a telephony network.

T1 E1 J1 Intrusive / Monitor Switch

The T1 E1 J1 Switch provides non-intrusive failsafe monitoring and intrusive test and diagnostic capability for up to 8 full duplex T1, E1, and J1 lines. The unit provides two RJ-48c connectors for a thru connection for equipment and line connections and a Rj-48c monitor connector for monitoring both directions of a full duplex high speed line. The switch can be remotely controlled via a USB connection. GUI and scripted control software is available for placing the switch in various modes for monitoring and diagnostic purposes.

2-Wire Voice/Data Capture

The GL Voice Recorder is used to manually capture the voice/data over a 2-wire Analog interface. Using the 2-wire Phone Tap adaptor, one can non-intrusively "tap" into the analog 2-wire line via the RJ11 interface and capture the bi-directional voice/data. The recorded voice/data is automatically saved into a single PCM file.