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Telephone Handset Adapter

Telephone Handset Adapter


The Telephone/Handset Adapter (SA008) provides: 

  • a bantam interface to the VF jacks of the Super T1/E1 w/ VF+BER cards
  • an RJ type telephone interface to a handset
  • internal AA battery power for the handset

The Telephone/Handset Adapter provides the following capabilities: 

  • voice input and output to/from T1/E1 timeslots
  • voice record and playback capability in conjunction with direct-to-disk software
  • calling capability on any timeslot
  • drop and insert capability

A block diagram depicting the use of the telephone and handset adapter is shown below:

Telephone Handset Adapter
use of Handset Adapter to Place/Receive calls
use of Hybrid to Place/Receive calls

For more information about the applications of 2/4 wire hybrid.

Product List

The Telephone/Handset Adapter Kit (SA008) includes a bantam to RJ adapter and a telephone handset.

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