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Automated Wireless Voice Quality Testing - Product Of The Year Award 2003


Wireless networks can impair voice, video, and data quality by various means including poor mobile phone quality, voice compression and decompression algorithms, video compression and decompression algorithms, delay, loss or gain in speech levels, noise, acoustic and landline echo, and other distortions. GL provides a compact and portable solution for Wireless Devices, and Mobile Radio testing.

Using the GL VQuad™ application with the Dual UTA, or all-in-one VQuad™ Probe, voice, video, and data quality tests are supported for practically any end-point (customer experience) interfaces. The VQuad™ Probe(combines with VQuad™-Dual UTA-PC into one single box) provides multiple interfaces for connecting to any communication device on a network using an efficient, portable, single box solution.  The VQuad™ Probe can work with variety of networks, including Wireless (Bluetooth®, Wi-fi, 3G, 4G, LTE, PTT), VoIP, Analog, and TDM. Various associated applications (Voice Quality, Video Quality, Data tests, Echo and Delay tests, Fax tests, VBA) works with VQuad™ Probe to provide "end-to-end assessment" with additional test and measuring capabilities.

Results provide an excellent overall measure of end-to-end voice, video, data, and signal quality. All the applications work in conjunction with the VQuad™ for automatically and remotely analyzing the captured data and sending the test results to the central database.  You can query results remotely or control the tests using web-based WebViewer™.

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Main Features

  • Supported devices - Mobile Radio (PTT) & Mobile devices (Wi-Fi, WiMax, Bluetooth®, Broadband (3G or 4G), LTE, iPhone, Android)
  • Compact and portable solution for testing mobile end-to-end voice, video, and data quality
  • Mobile Phone call control supports Bluetooth®, 2.5mm Audio Headset Jack interfaces, and 3.5mm terminations for Smartphones (iPhone, Android)
  • Bluetooth® compatible. Performs RSSI, Battery level functions, Network verification.
  • Support for Bluetooth Wideband with 16000 Sampling Rate used in VoLTE network with AMR Wideband codec (requires latest Dual UTA firmware and hardware).
  • Control Mobile Radios with Push-to-Talk functionality; Supports radio keying and send/record audio
  • Results available in real-time or post-processing
  • Compatible with automated GPS location time-stamping

Additional functionalities supported with VQuad Wireless:

  • Voice Quality Testing (VQT) software for analysis according to widely accepted ITU (International Telecommunications Union) voice comparison algorithms (POLQA, PESQ LQ/LQO/WB)
  • Data Quality Testing (NetTest™)application for performing automated data testing on a wireless or wired network; tests include TCP, UDP, VoIP, Route, HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMS, Email, SIMInfo, Phone Info, and UEInfo
  • Video Quality Testing (VAC™) application for performing fully automated Video Conference testing and get Audio and Video MOS QoS results along with several analytical metrics
  • Echo Measurement Utility (EMU) for echo and delay measurements, including RTD, OWD, ERL, EPD, and more
  • Voice-band Analyzer (VBA) for monitoring voice band traffic (Speech Level, Activity Factor, RMS Factor, DC Level, Noise Level, Jitter, Echo Return Loss, Echo Delay, and Echo Dispersion)
  • Fax Quality Testing for emulation and analysis of T.30 faxes (GLInsight™ or FaxScan™)
  • Drive Testing solution for plotting all results and call control information along with co-ordinates using GPS receiver option in VQuad™, and Google Maps option within WebViewer™
  • WebViewer™ for web based controlling and monitoring VQuad™ nodes over the entire network 

Application Diagrams

  • Automated Data Testing using Mobile devices

    The Data Testing is supported in both PC based internet connections (wired, WiFi, Broadband card) and Mobile Devices (Android and iPhone). Both the PC based and Mobile based NetTest accept a user configuration for customizing where and how the test is performed. In addition, the Mobile based testing requires a Mobile device Controller (MDC) for accessing the Mobile app both remotely and automatically. The Data Tests can be initiated on Mobile Devices both manually and using automated scripts from VQuad™.
  • Automated Video Conference Testing using VQuad

    GL’s Video Quality Test Solution provides support for Android, PC and Linux based clients (end points) for active Video Quality Testing. To achieve active video testing, GL’s video test agents are installed on Android mobile devices as well as PCs/servers (both Windows and Linux supported) at key locations within a service network.  The VAC provides a solution to determine video quality over a given network with active communication to/from multiple VQuad™ nodes, the Mobile Device Controller (MDC™), and the active Video Test Agents (end points).


  • Drive Testing

    Geographically separated locations connected to the wireless network via mobile phones can be easily configured for sending reference voice files and recording the received degraded file, thus allowing end-to-end path analysis. The VQuad™ GUI acts as the engine for synchronously transmitting and recording voice files ("reference" and "degraded" files) across a wireless connection. This solution is especially useful during VQT Drive Testing. VQT software provides the MOS and other detailed measurements for each recording.

  • Network Delay Measurement

    The Dual Universal Telephony Adapter (UTA) features a built in Round Trip Delay (RTD), One Way Delay, and variety of Echo measurements capabilities. Basically the Dual UTA has two ports (side 1 and side 2) supporting any two telephony combination for the single unit. Dual UTAs can automatically determine the RTD, regardless of what network they may be analyzing. A one-way delay measurement is also achievable using the Dual UTA. Network Delay Measurements can be performed while both network end points are collocated or geographically separated.
  • Digital Echo Measurement System adapted for analog interfaces

    This system consists of a portable PC system with a Dual UTA unit. The Dual UTA unit has 2- wire analog interfaces so mobile phones, landline, and VoIP phones can be easily connected. This system can perform manual echo, delay, Acoustic Echo, and voice quality measurements, depending on optional features desired.

  • SIP Call Generator and Call Analyzer to Mobile Phone

    This system connects at the digital level (Ethernet 10/100) and at the analog level. It can perform call generation and analysis of VoIP Calls and VQT measurements to/from the mobile.

  • Mobile Radio Testing

    The Dual Universal Telephony Adapter (UTA) has the ability to interface to a mobile radio, thus allowing for voice quality testing. Control of the Push-to-Talk (PTT) feature is available with the Dual UTA and the VQuad™ software. Directly before the audio file is transmitted the VQuad™ software will command the Dual UTA to enable the PTT on the radio. This feature makes the testing completely automated and hands free.

Screen Shot of VQuad™ with Call Control

Screen Shot of Script Editor Window

Voice Quality Testing (VQT)

GL's VQT may be executed automatically (real-time and/or post-processing) or manually by entering a Reference File and Degraded File. Regardless of how GL's VQT is initiated, algorithms for POLQA, PESQ MOS, PESQ LQ, PAMS, PSQM, and PSQM+ are executed simultaneously for the two voice files and results are shown graphically as well as in a tabular format. GL's VQT also displays cumulative statistics for large scale testing over long periods of time.

Screen Shot of PESQ Measurement Window

Screen Shot of POLQA Measurement window

Screen Shot of VQT Cumulative Statistics

Buyer's Guide

Item No. Item Description
  VQuad™ Network Options
VQT010 VQuad™ Software (Stand Alone)
VQT013 VQuad™ with SIP (VoIP) Call Control
VQT015 VQuad™ with T1 E1 Call Control
  VQuad™ Miscellaneous
VQT204 GPS for Dual UTA
VQT030 Network Command Center (Multi-Node Command and Control Center for VQuad™ Systems)
VQT011 Dual UTA - Software Development Kit (SDK)
VQT241 Dual Universal Telephony Adapter (UTA)
VQT251 Dual UTA HD Next generation Dual UTA with FXO Wideband support
VQT252 Dual UTA HD – Bluetooth Option
VQT002 Voice Quality Testing (PESQ only)
VQT006 VQT w/ POLQA Server License
VBA032 Near Real-time Voice-band Analyzer
VQT040 Webviewer™
VQT601 Data Tests on Mobile Devices
VQT650 Video Application Controller (VAC)
(includes VAC Server and VAC companion software)

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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