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Remote Network Protocol Analysis

Protocol Analysis


"Remote Protocol Analyzer" or RPA functionality is an extension of the feature rich capability available with GL's GUI based Protocol Analyzers. GL's Remote Protocol Analyzers are available as optional software. Functionally, they are similar to real-time protocol analyzers that are integrated with T1E1 Analyzers.

HDLC based protocols such as ISDN, SS7, GR303, Frame Relay, V5.x and others can be monitored remotely via a set of hardware and software features available with our T1 or E1 based protocol analyzers.

The RPA functionality permits:

  • unattended and 24/7 operation
  • remote accessibility for difficult connection situations
  • remote non-intrusive operation
  • remote detailed diagnostic capability

Pre-requisites of the remote functionality are:

At the site of monitoring

  • Dual T1/E1 PCI based cards or USB based T1/E1 units
  • T1/E1 Server software with HDLC capture software

At the client location

  • Appropriate GUI based “Remote Protocol Analyzer” such as ISDN, SS7, and others – licensed via “Dongle”
  • LAN/WAN TCP/IP Network with sufficient bandwidth to transport HDLC frames.

Main Features

  • Client side consists of a PC with Ethernet connectivity and GUI Remote Protocol Analysis software – no special T1 or E1 hardware is required.
  • Multiple T1/E1 servers may be simultaneously connected to a single remote client using a single GUI.
  • Multiple remote clients may access a single T1/E1 server. Also, the T1/E1 server is fully functional while being accessed as a server. Thus, a user may perform T1/E1 operations locally on the server while a remote client is accessing the same server, in real time.
  • Supports real-time and offline analysis at the remote client location.
  • Remote analyzers support capturing of encapsulated protocols and long frames.
  • Common filtering criteria can be set for T1/E1 cards located on multiple servers.

ISDN Remote Protocol Analyzer

GL's ISDN remote protocol analyzer can capture and analyze stream of frames on remote ISDN PRI links. It decodes LAPD according to Q.921, while, the ISDN information parsing is done based on the user's selection of ITU Q.931, ISDN ANSI, AT&T/Lucent switch 4ESS and 5ESS (TR41449, TR41459 and 235-900-342), Nortel's switch DMS-100 and DMS-250 (NIS-A2111-1 and NIS-A211-4), Bellcore National ISDN-2 (NI-2), Euro ISDN (ETS-300 102-1), ARINC 746, ETSI 300-102, QSIG ETSI/ECMA, National ISDN PRI CPE, DPNSS, and DASS2.

For more details, ISDN Remote and Offline Protocol Analyzer webpage.

HDLC Remote Protocol Analyzer

GL's HDLC remote protocol analyzer provides the capability to capture, and analyze HDLC data on a remote full duplex T1 or E1 lines. The data channel may utilize all or a fractional part of the T1 or E1 line. Also there may be multiple data channels within the T1or E1 line. After setting the HDLC data channel parameters and starting the decoding process, the main screen displays the received HDLC frames in hex format. Flags are stripped, all other data is presented, including CRC bytes.

For more details, HDLC Remote and Offline Protocol Analyzer webpage.

GR303 Remote Protocol Analyzer

The GR-303 remote protocol analyzer is used to troubleshoot signaling problems between the switch and remote terminal: to determine call status, monitor for any dropped calls, detect any abnormal conditions, and identify when service was unavailable. With these extensive GR-303 protocol analysis tools, you can analyze call setup and monitor communications between network elements and resolve problems as new network challenges emerge.

For more details, GR-303 Remote and Offline Protocol Analyzer webpage.

V5x Remote Protocol Analyzer

GL's V5.x remote protocol analyzer can be used to capture and analyze a stream of frames from the link between LE and AN. The analyzer provides V5.x based on ETSI / ITU standard in order to decode according to the corresponding standards. Supports capturing and decoding of LAPV5, ISDN Call Signaling - Q.93 as layer 3, Link Control Protocol (LCP), Protection Protocol (PP), Bearer Channel Connection (BCC), and PSTN.

For more details, V5x Remote and Offline Protocol Analyzer webpage.

SS7 Remote Protocol Analyzer

GL's SS7 (C7) remote protocol analyzer is used to capture and analyze stream of frames on the remote SS7 Links. Captured information can be saved to disk for later off-line analysis. MTP2 is parsed according to ANSI-ITU standards and the higher SS7 layer information parsing depends on the user's selection of TUP, ISUP, SCCP, TCAP, GSM-MAP, IS-41, INAP, etc., according to national and international variants.

For more details, SS7 Remote and Offline Protocol Analyzer webpage.

Frame Relay Remote Protocol Analyzer

GL's Frame Relay remote protocol analyzer can be used to analyze and decode frames conforming to Q.921, Q.922, LAPF, Frame Relay Forum standard -FRF.9 and FRF.12, Multiple Protocol Encapsulation, LCP RFC1661, Q.933 SVC and LMI SNAP, PPP, IP, SMTP, POP3 and so on.

For more details, Frame Relay Remote and Offline Protocol Analyzer webpage.

For more details, Protocol Glossary webpage.