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PacketScan™ - Comprehensive All-IP Analyzer

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - Aug 29 2019 - GL Communications Inc., a global leader in telecom test and measurement solutions, addressed the press regarding the PacketScan™ software, a comprehensive All-IP Analyzer, for wire-speed performance monitoring, support for more wireless protocols, enhanced quality of service (QoS) metrics, network performance metrics, and addition of new and enhanced codecs.


“All carriers are rolling out various services including voice, video, fax, and data via packet networks. There is a real need for a comprehensive analysis and monitoring tool - whether for VoIP, FoIP (Fax over IP), video, or wired and wireless traffic and for many signaling protocols. Also, if such a tool provides, Call Detail Records, Quality of Service (QoS) and Centralized Network Surveillance Solutions with multiple Probe locations, then customers are afforded a one stop solution for performance analysis of their IP networks”, said Vijay Kulkarni CEO of GL communications.

He further added, “GL's PacketScan™ - an All IP Network Analysis and Monitoring Solution  offers powerful features to capture and monitor live signaling and traffic over IP (IPv4 and IPv6). It captures, segregates, monitors and collects statistics of all IP calls. Almost all protocols over IP transport layer can be captured and decoded for troubleshooting network problems”.

“GL also offers PacketScan™ HD variant, a high density multi-protocol 2U rack mounted network monitoring appliance that can capture and process packets over IP on high speed 1/10/40 Gbps Ethernet links”.

PacketScan™ Applications include -

  • Service Providers and Equipment Manufacturers
    • Analysis of 2G, 3G, 4G, IMS calls
    • Billing and business strategies
    • Call Drops, call success, and failure reasons
  • VoIP Environment
    • Quality of Service (QoS) including MOS, delay, jitter, loss
    • KPI and graphs for billing and other analysis
  • Signaling/Media Gateways, SIP Proxies, Registrars, and IP Phones
    • Adherence to protocol standard of Gateways, IP Phones, SIP Proxies
    • One Way Delay Measurement and Performance at TDM-IP Gateway
  • Air Traffic Monitoring
    • Monitoring Air-to-Ground, Ground-to-Ground, Recorder calls as per ED-137
    • Quality of Service for each Push To Talk (PTT) and Squelch sessions

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