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5G Network Test Suite

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - July 30, 2019 - GL Communications Inc., a global leader in telecom test and measurement solutions, addressed the press regarding its new release  5G Core Network Test Solution, a multi-protocol, a multi interface test tool.

GL’s 5G Core Emulator Suite (MAPS™) currently supports N1 N2 interface between gNB (Next Generation NodeB), and AMF (Access and Mobility Management Function) simulation per 3GPP Release 15 standards. In addition, GL’s comprehensive VQuad™ solution can be used to evaluate voice and data quality over 5G/4G cellular networks.

5G Network Test Suite

“GL’s comprehensive Signaling and Traffic Emulation Suites for 5G/4G Wireless Networks, Legacy TDM Networks, and IP Networks, use a common framework / architecture referred to as MAPS™”, said Vijay Kulkarni CEO of GL communications.“ The architecture provides a programmable, scriptable framework that is independent of any protocol or network, makes it easy to perform cross-domain testing and transition tests to new technology such as 5G. The 5G core network and all its underlying entities can be accurately tested for functionalities and performance”.

He further added “GL's Message Automation and Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) supports testing 5G - N1N2 interfaces which can simulate gNB (gNodeB), and AMF (Access and Mobility Management Function) according to 3GPP Release 15 standards. The new application gives the users the unlimited ability to edit NGAP/NAS messages and call scenarios (message sequences). "Message Sequences" are generated through scripts. "Messages" are created using message templates. The product supports Mobile traffic core – GTP (ETH101) simulation for user-plane packet transmission and reception services between any two nodes in 5G network. Mobile Traffic Core – Gateway (ETH102) module allows simulation of Gateway Traffic to test media gateway telephony interfaces over IP. These modules also support generation and verification of data traffic such as FTP, Web (HTTP), Video, and more”.

Robert Bichefsky, Director of Engineering of GL Communications, added that “GL’s VQuad™ Solution, a comprehensive QoS Test Suite for 5G/4G Wireless Networks can evaluate voice and data quality independent of the underlying network such as Cellular/Wireless networks, Land Mobile Radios and Wired networks. When linked with the GL VQT Analyzer, one can automate Voice POLQA measurements and evaluate true ‘User-Experience’ in real-time”. In other words, using the VQuad™ solution fully test voice and data on the GL simulated 5G network, or any network.

Main Features

  • Setup a virtual real-time scenario simulating 5G interoperability with 4G-LTE network elements
  • Supports Control plane signaling and User plane traffic
  • Supports emulation of several 5G interfaces (N1N2)
  • Simulates 5G Core Network Functions - 5G Access Network (gNB), Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF)
  • Supports generation and verification of traffic over 5G, including VoLTE (Voice), FTP, Web (HTTP), Video, and more with additional licenses - Mobile traffic core – GTP (ETH101) and Mobile Traffic Core – Gateway (ETH102), and PacketLoad
  • Supports 5G-LTE based technologies such as VoLTE
  • Generate ten thousand of UE Signaling (Load Testing)
  • Generate and process NGAP/NAS (valid and invalid) messages
  • Fully automated with Scripting and CLI (Command Line Interface) with APIs support
  • Insertion of impairments to create invalid messages
  • Supports customization of call flow and message templates using Script and Message Editor
  • Ready-to-use scripts for quick testing
  • Supports scripted call generation and automated call reception
  • Provides Call Statistics and Events Status
  • Automation, Remote access, and Schedulers to run tests 24/7

Please review the above and give us a call if you are interested in the above product/software or for any other applications listed in our website. We would be happy to discuss your testing needs and we look forward to hearing from you.

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