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Press Release : GL Announces Fax Testing Solutions over IP, TDM and PSTN Networks

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA – December 24, 2014 - GL Communications Inc., announced today the comprehensive Fax Testing Solutions over IP, TDM and PSTN networks.

Fax Emulation Analysis

Speaking to the press, Mr. Robert Bichefsky, a Senior Manager for product development of the company said, “Despite rapid advancements in communication technology, fax transmission continues to hold its ground as dominant form of communication over a wide variety of wired and wireless networks.  Fax transmission is so vital that any new technology must address ways and means of transporting it i.e. Fax over IP (FoIP) and Fax over wireless networks. So fax is here to stay for the foreseeable future.”  

He added, “To successfully deploy fax services requires extensive network design, test and traffic engineering.  Test equipment can prove valuable in this process, if it can: Generate and receive fax signals in bulk over wired and wireless networks, monitor and distinguish fax signals in real time for traffic engineering and network design purposes, and analyze fax signals after capture for troubleshooting failed or poorly handled calls.“

Mr. Bichefsky explained, “GL provides comprehensive Fax Testing Solutions over IP, TDM and PSTN networks using its products: Fax Pass-Through mode is a method of transmission of modulated fax data over an IP transport. The support for simulation of Fax over IP in Pass-Through mode (using G.711 PCMU and PCMA) has been recently introduced in all IP based MAPS™ simulation products supporting RTP traffic simulation over an established call.   MAPS™ is GL’s standard framework for emulation of signaling and traffic for a vast array of communication protocols covering IP, TDM, and Wireless protocols. Applicable products are: MAPS™ SIP,  MAPS™ Skinny, MAPS™ MEGACO,  MAPS™ MGCP,  MAPS™ SIP I,  MAPS™ BICCIP,  MAPS™ IuCS,  MAPS™ IuH,  and MAPS™ GSM A.

The VQuad™ Probe (or VQuad™ coupled with Dual UTA) provides easy and flexible “quality of service” assessment across almost every network interface – whether it’s IP, TDM, Analog, or Wireless. It provides all pertinent real-time fax messaging with proper time sequences. In other words, one can follow the fax session from start to finish on both send and receive sides.

GL has recently introduced bulk (100's) call Fax Emulator software that is capable of transmitting and receiving fax over many T1 E1 timeslots or through 2-wire FXO and FXS lines. The software can emulate many “virtual fax machines” - transmitter as well as receiver.
All variations are supported.

GL’s FaxScan™ application is used to process 2-Wire and 4-Wire voice band capture for T.30 frames and PCAP captures forT.38 packets.  User can extract a Fax TIF image, and decode general call-flow indicators for detail analysis.

GL’s PacketScan™ software supports capturing and decoding of Fax (T.38 data) calls over VoIP. The fax decodes can be viewed in the form of T.38 call graph and call summary with decoded information for all T.38 messages received on the call.

GLInsight™ helps in decoding and analysis of pre-recorded fax transmissions.  The transmission signals can be recorded from PSTN or IP media.   GLInsight™ receives the recorded fax transmissions as raw signal files (PCM files) or as IP capture files - created by capturing devices or by software.”

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