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Enhanced Voice and Data Testing Solutions

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - April 03, 2014 - GL Communications Inc., announced today the release of its enhanced Voice and Data Testing Solutions: VQuad™, WebViewer™,and Mobile Device Controller.

Voice and Data Testing Solutions

Speaking to reporters, Mr. Robert Bichefsky, Senior Manager Product Development of the company said, “As advanced technologies such as LTE, Advanced LTE, WiMax, 3G, and Broadband are becoming common, basic voice/data quality will ultimately determine the fate of carriers and end equipment manufacturers. Simple and effective methods of testing voice and data are basic requirements - GL's mobile test solution provides this capability with the flexibility of connecting to and between any network, any service, and any interface.” 

He added, “The VQuad™ software is used for automated call control as well as to automatically send and record voice files from most any type of network (Wireless, VoIP, TDM, & Analog). VQuad™ supports up to 8 telephony devices simultaneously. A minimum of two telephony nodes are required for transferring files, either within same VQuad™ Node or between multiple geographically separated VQuad™ Nodes.

VQuad™, along with the NetTest option, supports Data Testing from any PC or from any smart phone or tablet (Apple, Android and Windows 8 supported). The Data Tests include TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, DNS, VoIP, SMS, and Email based tests run automatically or manually, whether in a voice call or not. So, we can test both voice and data simultaneously if the network permits.

GL's enhanced VQuad™ with VoIP option, along with VQT, provides the ability to perform manual or automated Voice Quality tests on the VoIP network supporting most any codec. Testing includes setting up a SIP User Agent, testing existing soft phones, and testing ATAs (connected to the network or isolated). 

VQuad™ Auto Configuration feature provides a simplified way to build user-defined configurations in a few minutes. As part of the Auto Configuration, the user can configure call control and traffic parameters (Tx Rx Files / Digits/ Tones, VQT, POLQA analysis, Echo Measurement (EMU), Delay Measurements (RTD/OWD), SNR, C-Message, Path Confirmation) as well as NetTest Data Testing from PC or Mobile Device.

Using the optional WebViewer™, all events associated with the VQuad™ tests are sent to the Central Database for access and reporting.”

Mr. Bichefsky further added, “GL's WebViewer™ is a powerful web based tool used to query and filter all results/events/errors from any connected VQuadTM Probe. Current status of the entire network is displayed along with customized user statistics and results of the active tests.

The enhanced WebViewer™ provides node management capability displaying real-time status of each node within the network.  The WebViewer™ also supports remote access of any VQuad™ node within the network.

Google Maps has been added to the WebViewer™ for displaying results geographically using customized pins/thresholds. The Google Maps enhancement also displays, geographically, all VQuad™ Probes and all NetTest Mobile Devices within the Network.”

He added, “GL’s Mobile Device Controller (MDC) provides a liaison to all supported Apple/Android based mobile devices for conducting data NetTests. The Data Tests can be remotely configured within any VQuadTM node irrespective of the mobile device proximity to the VQuad™ node.

Specifically for smart phones, the VQuad™ can full automate the data tests to any GL NetTest equipped phone irrespective of whether the device is on a voice call. The testing is fully automated with results sent to the central database (WebViewer™).

Manual and automated testing is also supported directly from the GL NetTest equipped device. Configure automated testing from any mobile device without VQuad™ intervention with results automatically sent to the WebViewer™.”

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