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Press Release : GL Announces Enhanced SIGTRAN Protocol Test Suite

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA – January 19, 2015 - GL Communications Inc., announced today its enhanced SIGTRAN Protocol Analysis  and Simulation tools.

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Speaking to the press, Mr. Jagdish Vadalia, a Senior Manager for product development of the company said, “SIGTRAN protocols are an extension of the SS7 protocol family, but carried over IP.  A Signaling Gateway (SG) translates the SS7 TDM layers to SIGTRAN IP format.  It supports the same application and call management functions as SS7 but uses two protocol layers on top of Internet Protocol (IP): Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP) and M3UA MTP3 User Adaptation Layer.  M3UA enables SS7 protocol's User Parts (e.g. ISUP, SCCP and TUP) to run over IP instead of TDM lines.”

He added, “GL’s SIGTRAN Protocol Test Suite comprises of SIGTRAN Protocol Analyzer, SIGTRAN Protocol Emulation over IP, SIGTRAN ISDN over IP Emulation and BICC Protocol over IP Emulation.

SIGTRAN protocol decoder software is a VoIP testing tool that permits real-time analysis, call trace, capture, and filtering of SS7 and ISDN signaling messages over IP.  The Analyzer supports SCTP, M2UA, M3UA, M2PA, SUA, IUA, BICC, INAP, CAMEL, ICMP, MAP, TUP, TCAP, SCCP and more.  The Analyzer is an optional application and requires PacketScan™ - All IP Analyzer license to invoke.”

Mr.Vadalia further explained, “Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS™) is a powerful protocol test simulation platform supporting a wide ranging protocols such as SIGTRAN (SS7 over IP), SS7 over TDM (T1 E1), ISDN over TDM (T1 E1), GSM-A & GSM-Abis over TDM, Megaco, SIP, and MGCP over IP.  

GL's MAPS™ SIGTRAN is an advanced protocol simulator/tester for SS7 simulation over IP Networks. It can simulate ISUP signaling specification as defined by ITU-T standards. The application supports testing network elements, error tracking, regression testing, load testing/call generation and generation of high volumes of ISUP traffic.  MAPS™ SIGTRAN functionality covers the ITU and ANSI variant of SS7 implementing M3UA, and ISUP protocols. It is able to run pre-defined test scenarios against ISUP test objects in a controlled & deterministic manner.  

MAPS™ SIGTRAN Emulator and MAPS™ SS7 Emulator can be combined into one entity to emulate a complete Signaling Gateway.  M3UA, M2UA, and M2PA transports are easily supported.

GL’s MAPS™ SIGTRAN ISDN over IP is an advanced protocol simulator/tester used for ISDN simulation over IP.  The tester can simulate a complete ISDN connection SG to MGC, where ISDN signaling is defined by the ITU-T Q.921 / Q.931 standards.  It is a powerful tool that can be used to perform detailed testing of ISDN protocol messages over IP, and offers a complete solution for testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance of devices and networks implementing PRI ISDN.

MAPS™  BICC IP Emulator is used to emulate all the BICC interfaces over IP.  It is designed to specifically emulate BICC call control signaling as defined by ITU-T standards between Mobile Switching Center (MSC) and Gateway MSC (GMSC) server nodes.

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