GL Enhances Voice Quality Test Solutions for Bluetooth® Phones and Bluetooth® Headsets

Welcome to another July, 2016 issue of GL Communications' Newsletter providing information and insight into our enhanced Voice Quality Testing Solutions using VQuad™ Dual UTA HD Bluetooth® Option for Testing Bluetooth® Phones and Bluetooth® Headsets.


Testing the Voice Quality of both devices and networks has remained an inherent requirement for all testing environments. Using the GL VQuad™ solution with Dual UTA HD hardware, voice quality testing is achieved on a variety of interfaces including 2-wire Analog (FXO - simulate an Analog phone), 4-wire Analog (TX/RX - replace a wired headset), Phone Handset (RJ22 - replace the handset at the curly cord), PTT (Push to Talk, test Mobile Radios), and Bluetooth® (connect to and test Mobile Phones).

With the Dual UTA HD Bluetooth® option, the Dual UTA HD acts as a Bluetooth® Headset and connects to the mobile phone to perform voice quality analysis along with delay measurements on Bluetooth® enabled mobile devices. With this voice analysis the VQuad™ solution can accurately determine the quality of the mobile phone as well as the associated network. Both Narrowband as well as Wideband devices and networks can be tested. VoLTE networks are fully supported for both voice quality and one-way delay measurements, while also confirming, using the VQuad™ Audio Analysis function, the VoLTE network maintained Wideband audio during the entire call.

Test Bluetooth® Enabled Mobile Devices and Associated Network

Test Bluetooth® Enabled Mobile Devices and Associated Network

As a new feature of the Dual UTA HD Bluetooth® option, and using special firmware, the Dual UTA HD can act as the Mobile Device and connect to any Bluetooth® headsetto perform ‘Voice Quality Tests’ on the Bluetooth® Headsets. In other words, isolate the Bluetooth® headset for voice quality analysis.

This is extremely important for testing Bluetooth® headsets, Bluetooth® in the car, and pretty much any Bluetooth® device which connects to a mobile phone for voice. The Dual UTA HD connects to the Bluetooth® headset and allows voice quality analysis along with delay measurements. Both narrowband and wideband codecs are supported.

Test Bluetooth® Devices (Headsets, Car Stereo Kit …)

Test Bluetooth® Devices (Headsets, Car Stereo Kit …)

GL’s VQuad™ Software

The GL’s  VQuad™ solution provides the means to test voice, data, and video, along with call control, over virtually any interface. Both manual and fully automated testing, using the enhanced VQuad™ scripting, is supported. VQuad™ Scripts can be relatively simple (place call and send/record voice over the established call for Voice Quality Analysis) or quite complex adding conditional statements, remote control, voice analysis, supplementary call services, and delay measurements, to name a few.

When pairing one or as many as six Dual UTA HD units with the VQuad™ solution, connecting to any network or any end-equipment is a breeze. The Dual UTA HD includes interfaces for 2-wire analog FXO, 4-wire analog (Tx/Rx), Push-to-Talk for mobile radios, and Bluetooth® for connecting to any mobile phone or Bluetooth® Headset.

The VQuad™ can also be configured as a VoIP SIP User Agent or connect to T1/E1 trunks supporting both CAS and PRI ISDN protocols. Up to 12 fully independent devices can run simultaneously on each VQuad™ node, with multiple VQuad™ nodes running in unison for virtually unlimited capacity. And, since the VQuad™ solution is network and equipment independent, support for all current networks and future networks is available. Some of the important features of the application includes:

  • Single box portable solution, for QoS Testing
  • Supported on Windows® 7 and higher (32-bit, 64-bit) operating systems and works on any PC including Rack/Tower, Laptop, Netbook, and Tablet
  • Automation through Scripting
  • Remote Control and Monitoring using web based WebViewer™
  • Automatic File Transfer of Degraded Files to the VQT Central System

GL’s Dual UTA HD Hardware

Dual UTA HD Hardware

GL offers next generation Dual UTA HD hardware which supports all interfaces and telephony devices that the previous Dual UTA supported, in a smaller (compact) design and with ALL interfaces on the front for easy access. The Dual UTA HD supports HD (WB) audio for all interfaces including 2-wire Analog, 4-wire Analog, PTT, and Bluetooth®. The latest VQuad™ release supports both the legacy Dual UTA (v.1) along with the next generation Dual UTA HD (v.2) connected to the same system simultaneously. Up to 6 Dual UTA HDs can be connected to the same VQuad™ system, thus supporting up to 12 fully independent devices simultaneously on each VQuad™ node.

Additionally, the Dual UTA HD (v.2) includes support for FXO Call Waiting with Call ID. The Dual UTA HD also supports hardware loopback for both 2-wire and 4-wre interfaces and controlled through the VQuad™ software (including self-test mechanisms). Also included with the enhanced Dual UTA HD, Self-Test LED, GPS connect LED, enhanced flexibility added to the VQuad™ Script, and full IPV6 support. VQuad™ with DUAL UTA HD supports:

  • Delay Measurements
  • Echo Measurements
  • Voiceband Analysis
  • Automated Voice Quality Testing
  • Automated Data Quality Testing
  • Automated Video Quality Testing
  • Drive Testing for Wireless Networks
  • Automated testing for Bluetooth® Headsets
  • Automated Fax Quality Testing
  • Automated IVR Testing 

And these tests can be conducted across network types including:

  • Automated Testing of Mobile Radio and Wireless Devices
  • Automated Testing of 2-Wire Analog Interface (PSTN, ATA, Media Gateway)
  • Automated Testing of VoIP (SIP) Interfaces, Digital VoIP Phones, VoIP Softphones
  • Automated Testing of TDM T1 E1 Interface (CAS/PRI ISDN) using T1 E1 Analyzer    

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