T1 E1 and Datacom Testing through Python Scripting

Welcome to the latest issue of GL's Newsletter, providing insight into our – tProbe™. In this edition, we discuss our Python Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for tProbe™.

tProbe™ T1 E1 Datacom analyzer


GL’s tProbe™ T1 E1 Datacom analyzer is a versatile test and measurement platform with the ability to generate, receive and monitor traffic on legacy networks. The tProbe™ supports various types of test traffic including bit error rate testing, tones, digits, and audio files. Furthermore, it can emulate telecom protocols such as SS7, CAS, and ISDN. The tProbe™ is portable and is controlled by a host Windows® PC via a USB connection. The accompanying tProbe™ software features an intuitive Graphical User Interface that allows users to easily configure tests, initiate and conclude tests, visualize data, and export reports.

Designed for service installation, verification, and maintenance of Datacom equipment, the tProbe™ Datacom Analyzer offers a software-selectable interface. It enables the emulation of Data Terminal Equipment and Data Communications Equipment while also serving as a monitor for Datacom lines, supporting both synchronous (sync) and asynchronous (async) modes of operation.

GL's Windows Client/Server (WCS) software empowers users to execute remote operations, automate processes, and establish multi-site connectivity with the T1 E1/Datacom Analyzer. Through the WCS server, seamless control of the T1 E1/Datacom Analyzers is achieved, enabling effortless management from software clients situated at remote or local sites via TCP/IP sockets.

GL's Windows Client Python Module (WCPM) provides a client interface to the T1 E1 WCS. It allows a python program to connect to one or more GL WCS Servers and execute server commands and receive replies from the WCS server. WCPM enables connection to multiple WCS servers allowing the python program to control T1 E1/Datacom equipment at multiple computers and geographical locations via TCP/IP. This allows the user the ability to automate tasks via scripts, perform repetitive testing for pre-determined time intervals, export and save data in any desired way. GL also provides sample Python scripts to help users get started.

Windows Client Python Module

Key Features

  • Python scripting support on both Windows® and Linux operating systems
  • Framed and unframed transmission/reception of T1 E1 signals
  • Intrusive/Non-Intrusive T1 E1 Testing
  • Protocol emulation including ISDN, CAS and SS7
  • Monitoring and testing of multiple site locations from a single client
  • Shared use of T1 E1 test equipment from multiple client locations
  • Integration of T1 E1 testing into more complex testing systems

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