Python Scripting for Automation and Remote Access of Voice Quality Testing

Welcome to the latest issue of GL's Newsletter providing insight into our enhanced VQuad™ and VQT solutions to support Python Application Programming Interfaces (API) for test automation and remote access.

Python Command Line Interface


The VQuad™ and Voice Quality Testing (VQT) Python libraries provide a range of Python functions which can be used to remotely or locally control these two applications. The VQuad™ library provides the functionality of the existing VQuad™ Command Line Interface (CLI) as well as the ability to run prewritten scripts sequentially. The VQT library can be used to run automatic and manual VQT tests with custom settings.

Python for VQuad™ works by connecting to the existing VQuad™ CLI and using a portion of the CLI commands to make simple functions. This connection to the CLI makes the library fast and responsive. Python scripts can perform a variety of Call Control and Audio operations on any device associated with the VQuad™ system. Additionally, access to the original CLI functions is possible through use of the VQuad™ library and the Python ctypes library.

Python API Scripting

Python for VQT works by connecting to the existing VQT CLI and using a portion of the CLI commands to run manual and automated VQT tests. Class variables are linked to the settings for each test and can be changed easily.

GL’s VQuad™ with Dual UTA HD hardware device can interface to various telecommunication endpoint devices such as cell phones, analog phones, mobile radios, VoIP phones and more. The VQuad™ software controls the Dual UTA HD and can place and answer calls, send audio, digits and tones, make measurements of voice quality, delay, voiceband statistics and more. The VQuad™ software has an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface. It also possesses a CLI for scripting and automation. GL provides its own simple scripting language along with Python APIs.

Key Features

  • Python scripts support accessing VQuad™ and VQT functionalities remotely
  • Controls VQuad™ and VQT nodes located at various destinations
  • Automation with enhanced Python scripting and remote operation includes traffic generation, call control, and automated scheduling of operations

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