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Massive Load Testing & API Control of SIP Protocol Emulation

09th, Aug 2019

Welcome to another August 2019 issue of GL Communications' Newsletter providing information and insight into our enhanced MAPS™ SIP Protocol Emulator. The newer version is enhanced to simulate more than 20,000 User Agents using CSV based profiles to easily stress or load test network along with high density traffic.

The Load Generation is also supported through APIs along with call statistics tracking capability. Test Automation and Remote Testing using Python client APIs is enhanced to support MSRP (Message Session Relay Protocol) sessions.

MAPS™ SIP Protocol Emulator Architecture


Bulk UA Simulation with CSV based Profiles

GL’s MAPS™ SIP Emulator is enhanced with few significant features such as CSV files support for massive User Agents (UA) simulation used in load testing.

In real time scenario, there exists huge number of subscribers with unique UA parameters. GL's MAPS™ tool supports bulk call generation to stress and load test the network with number of subscriber profiles. Each profile can have unique parameters to simulate different real-time scenarios. However, creating and maintaining massive number of XML based subscriber profiles with unique Contact, Address of Records, To Address and other traffic parameters is not feasible. Therefore, recent enhancements were introduced to MAPS™ SIP Protocol Emulator test tool to include subscriber profiles in CSV file format. The CSV database system used within MAPS™ is a simple Excel® file that can dynamically generate up to 20,000 numbers (HD appliance) of subscribers with unique Contact, Address of Record, To Address, Refer to Address, UserName, Passwords and other key parameters in sequential order. Also, includes the flexibility to add other required UA related key parameters in the CSV file along with the default parameters.

For massive UA simulation, it is recommended to use CSV option, with which MAPS™ access the User related information directly from CSV files.

Sample CSV File

Sample CSV File

API Support for MAPS™ SIP Emulator

GL’s MAPS™ CLI Client/Server platform supports various clients including Java, VBScripts, TCL, Python and others for automating signaling and traffic simulation tests with remote access. The APIs allow easy integration with Network Instruments’ TestStand and LabView and QualiSystems' TestShell software frameworks offering complete Lab Management, Device Provisioning and Test Automation solutions for engineers.

Each MAPS™ server can receive multiple client connections and offer independent execution to each client. Likewise, a single client can connect to multiple MAPS™ servers, including servers running different protocols, permitting complex cross-protocol test cases.

Latest enhancements include Python API support for both versions 2 and 3, MSRP sessions, and Load Generation with Call Statistics. The MAPS™ application provides access to various functionalities listed below remotely using Command Line Interface (CLI) and APIs clients such as Python, TCL, Java, VBScripts and others.

  • Functional regression testing
  • Long duration, high volume performance/load testing with Call statistics
  • Protocol conformance testing
  • Negative testing
  • IVR traversal
  • Interoperability testing
  • Voice Quality testing
  • Instant messaging
Sample Python Client Script with  MAPS™ CLI Server

Sample Python Client Script with MAPS™ CLI Server

Main Features

  • Supports transmission and detection of various RTP traffic such as, digits, voice file, single tone, dual tones, IVR, FAX (T.30, T.38), and Video in IP networks
  • Supports almost all industry standard codec types. EVS codec is enhanced to operate in AMR-WB IO mode
  • Testing NG9-1-1 emergency services and components within the ESInet
  • Message Session Relay Protocol (MSRP) simulation supporting instant messaging, supported call types include IM Only, Audio and IM calls, Video and IM calls
  • Provides call quality metrics such as Listening MOS, Conversational MOS, PacketLoss, Discarded Packets, Out of Sequence Packets, Duplicate Packets, Delay and Jitter
  • Supports conformance testing UAC, UAS, Proxy, Registrars, Registrants, Redirect Servers, and other SIP entities
  • Supports conference call, blind call transfer, hold, auto call rejection, and silence packets generation
  • Supports IPv4 /IPv6 and transport over UDP and TCP, and TLS for secure transport
  • Bulk Call capability with RTP of up to 2500 Maximum Simultaneous Calls, and 250 Calls per Second (in high end server machines)

For comprehensive information on the applications, please refer to MAPS™ SIP Protocol Emulator web page.

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