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HD Voice Testing with High Density Analog Phone Simulator

16th, Aug 2019

Welcome to an August, 2019  issue of GL's Newsletter providing information and insight into our High Density 24-Port HD FXO VQuad™ that supports voice quality testing, echo testing, and multi-stage dialling along with other services for testing HD and SD voice over Analog / PSTN networks.



VQuad™ 24-port HD FXO system is an all-in-one 2U rack supporting full call control and FXO special services on 24 FXO ports along with both Wide Band (WB) and Narrow Band (NB) Audio.  VQuad™ HD FXO platform offers an automated, scripted, remote-access, multi-user, multi-protocol, and high capacity FXO test solution.

VQuad™ with Dual UTA HD supports Audio for Voice Quality (using GL VQT POLQA algorithm), Path Recognition and Prompt Recognition.

In addition, the VQuad™ solution supports DTMF digits, single and dual-frequency tones, energy detection, and Fax emulation with Fax analysis. VQuad™ FXO services include Call Forwarding, Three-Way Calling, Call Waiting with Call ID, Call Transfer, and Call Hold. Tests include KPIs for Call Failure and Call Drop, One Way and Round-Trip Delay measurements, and analysis of the incoming audio to determine if WB was sustained. In other words, the VQuad™ FXO solution provides full automation with enhanced scripting for testing multiple FXO ports for both functionality and voice analysis.  When combined with the WebViewer™ Central System all results and events can be saved directly to a Central Database and accessed using the WebViewer™ (direct access to the database tables is also available).


The 2U VQuad™ HD FXO System incorporates two embedded Single Board Computers (SBCs), each running latest VQuad™ software, along with 12 Dual UTA HD units supporting a total 24 FXO Analog ports. All 24 FXO ports are independent and can be fully automated or remote controlled for a fully autonomous test solution. Access to the 24 Analog ports is via an Amphenol connector on the back of the system which can be broken out to 24 RJ11 connections. Each embedded SBC includes two Gigabit Ethernet connections, two USB connections, and a VGA monitor connection. LED lights on the front of the 2U Rack display status of each SBC along with each Dual UTA HD.  Multiple 2U VQuad™ HD FXO systems can be connected together for virtually unlimited FXO ports.

The VQuad™ Command Line Interface (CLI) supports remote accessibility and thus facilitates controlling individual VQuad™ nodes located at various destinations. Also included is an API (SDK) for remote controlling the individual VQuad™ Nodes from within any application. The supporting commands include all Call Control functions as well as traffic generation/reception functions. Analysis is provided using GL’s Voice Quality Analysis (both POLQA and PESQ supported), Echo Measurement Utility (EMU), Fax Analysis, and Voice Band Analyzer (VBA).

VQuad™ 24-port HD FXO System

Features High-Density WB Solution - VQuad™ 24 Port HD
Space Considerations2U multi-VQuad™ system with total 12 Dual UTA HD units
Ports24 Analog FXO ports accessed via 50-Pin Amphenol connector
FXO AudioNB and WB (HD) Audio Support
OperationFully Independent FXO Ports with full remote control between VQuad™ systems
Bulk CallFully Supported via VQuad™ Scripting
Remote AccessFully Supported via CLI, API or WebViewer™
TrafficVoice, Digits, Tones, Fax
Voice QualityPOLQA (including NB and WB), and PESQ

Functional Capabilities

  • Supports 24 independent HD FXO ports per VQuad™ system (2U)
  • Scalable solution for unlimited number of FXO ports
  • Wide Band (WB) and Narrow Band (NB) support (for HD and SD Audio)
  • Multiple Users and Tests per system
  • Run tests between systems
  • Fully automated and remote accessible via CLI
  • Remote accessible via Central Database
  • Full FXO Functionality and Analysis via flexible Scripts

Basic Telephone Functions
- On-hook
- Off-hook
- Detect ringing signal
- Dial
- Flash Hook

FXO Call Progress and Services
- Call Progress tones
- Busy tone
- Call waiting tone
- Dial tone
- Reorder tone
- Ring-back tone
- Special dial tone
- Test tone
- Loop current drop
- All Supplementary Services
- Send/Record Voice
- Send/Detect DTMF/MF digits
- Send/Detect Single/Dual Frequency Tones
- Send/Receive Fax

Audio Analysis

- Voice Quality using POLQA/PESQ
- Audio Path Confirmation
- Prompt Recognition
- IVR Support
- HD Network Verification
- Fax Analysis

- Call Failure
- Call Drop
- One Way Delay
- Round-Trip Delay
FSK Functions
- Call ID Detection
- Voice Mail Message Indicator (VWMI)
- Call Waiting with Call ID
- Call Forwarding
- Three-Way Calling
- Call Hold

G711 G722 Frequency Response

Testing HD Audio using VQuad™

GL’s VQuad™ Dual UTA HD supports multiple interfaces including 4-wire Analog (Tx/Rx), 2-wire Analog FXO, Phone Handset (RJ22), Mobile Radio (Push to Talk), and Bluetooth for Mobile Phones.  All interfaces support both NB audio (up to 4000 Hz) and WB audio (up to 8000 Hz). The Dual UTA HD 4-wire Analog interface also supports SWB audio (up to 16000 Hz). Using the VQuad™ Dual UTA HD, one can easily emulate, analyse, and troubleshoot audio signaling and quality over FXO, Mobile, VoIP, and TDM.

Voice  Quality Analysis (both POLQA and PESQ supported)

Voice Quality Analysis (both POLQA and PESQ supported)

Voice Quality Analysis supporting POLQA (ITU-P.863) and PESQ (ITU-P.862) can be achieved using GL's Voice Quality Testing (VQT) software. For HD audio analysis the POLQA algorithm is recommended which is more suitable for WB IP-based networks. The GL VQT software is fully automated with all results logged to the Central Database and accessed using the GL WebViewer™.

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