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Indoor Tracking System (ITS)


To track wireless voice quality when the user is underground, where GPS is inaccessible, an ITS (Indoor Tracking System) option is available within VQuad™. This feature provides a map of the underground, and allows the user to quickly identify the location and time of calls.

The ITS functionality is an optional application available within the VQuad™ for both online and offline viewing of the results associated with the ITS. The ITS results include the VQT measurements (based on user-defined ratings) plotted against the user-provided graphical location map.

Indoor Tracking System

Main Features

  • ITS feature in VQuad™ is developed to perform the VQT in remote and unreachable GPS signal places (ex: underground)
  • The ITS information (location, timestamp, & JPG name) will be saved in the VQT database using VQuad™ Lat\Long column
  • With ITS, the test route can be defined manually to get the VQT scores
  • Users can plot the VQT measurements on the ITS Map with the ITS Viewer option
  • Circle symbol represents the outbound measurements and the triangle symbol represents the inbound measurements
  • Color symbols can be used to set the ratings for Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor
Indoor Tracking System

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